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  1. Welcome to my first ever Reading Blog Contents Page 1 - Introduction / Targets Page 2 - Books Read / TBR List Page 3 - Thoughts So Far Page 4 - Top Book Review This is probably going to be a little bit different compared to the other reading blogs you'll find on this forum. This is mainly due to the fact that I have never kept track of the books I have read before, and quite frankly, with comic books as an exception, I have barely read anything at all this year! So, this reading blog will be following my reading journey since joining BCF a couple of days ago and detailing/reviewing the books I have read since May 2015. You'll also find that I have a VERY small TBR list. I'm not the type of person to keep track of books I want to read, I much prefer walking into a library or a book store without any expectations and picking up something that peaks my interest. Although, of course there are a few books I will want to read in the future. After reading a few other blogs on this forum, I'll be giving a rating for each books in the same format a few other people seem to be using: 1/5 - I didn't like it 2/5 - It was OK 3/5 - I liked it 4/5 - I really liked it 5/5 - I loved it! Targets for 2015 - Read 30 new books - Try a new genre other than Sci-Fy / Fantasy / Horror - Try at least 5 new authors
  2. Another newbie arrives..

    Good evening everyone - another newbie has arrived and I thought I'd just take a few minutes to introduce myself. My name is Dan, I'm 20, I work full time in administration whilst studying a Business Management degree in the evenings - yes, it is just as hard as you would imagine! I grew up more on video games and television rather than books, in fact I didn't really pick up my first 'proper book' until I started secondary school in my English literature classes - didn't like any of the books they chose (Not quite sure how I passed that class). It wasn't until I started college that I started to read comic books; The Walking Dead, Batman, X-men and that is when I started enjoying reading. I then picked up a few old books I had; early Harry Potter, Digital Fortress and the Narnia series - this eventually took me more towards the Scy-Fy / Fantasy genres and I recently bought A Game of Thrones, which although I am enjoying, given how little time I have to read, find it quite difficult to keep up with the story line and all the characters. Anyway, I hope this can be the forum that I finally call home and enjoy recommending books to you all and vice versa
  3. Dan's BCF Reading Journey 2015

    To those who may not have seen - I've added a 'Thoughts so far' page for the book I'm currently reading. Would be cool to know if any of you had the same feelings at the beginning of the books as well
  4. Dan's BCF Reading Journey 2015

    Aha, we'll just have to wait and see how addicted I get!
  5. Ambulance Drones

    Not so sure about the near future - things like this often go unnoticed by the majority for quite some time. Having said that, it would be quite interesting to say what happens in the next few years with technology similar to this as well.
  6. Dan's BCF Reading Journey 2015

    Just keeping this post free in the even more unlikely case that the other three posts become full.
  7. Dan's BCF Reading Journey 2015

    Thoughts So Far This page is going to be edited / updated somewhat regularly. I'll be using this as a place to write down my initial thoughts, feelings and criticisms towards the book that I am currently reading. I will then refer back to this page when writing my review for that particularly book - I thought it may be interesting to see if my initial reactions change throughout the books, and if so, in what way they change. I will try to keep this page as spoiler free as possible but I cannot promise anything! If I am writing down something that could be deemed as a spoiler, there will be a big bold note telling you! Book currently reading: A Game of Thrones - George R.R Martin *A few sort of spoilers are included (No names are ever mentioned)* So far, I am roughly about 15-20% of the way through (Around about 150 pages read so far). This may come as a surprise to a few people but although I am really enjoying the book, I am a little bit disappointed! This is probably because I gave it really high expectations - as I've never watched the TV show I had no idea what was going to happen other than 'everyone dies' as a lot of people seem to put it. So far, no one has died! Well, other than the 3 in the prologue and characters we know nothing about and are just part of the background. I'm guessing a 'main' character is going to die pretty soon as they're in a coma (but I may be wrong). Although I am a little bit disappointed that no one has died yet, I get the feeling it's going to kick off soon which I am really looking forward too! I found it difficult to keep track of everything at the beginning, but now I've given it a few more chapters I seem to have gotten into the swing of everything and have found myself not wanting to put the book down, it's just a shame I don't have more time to read! The style of writing is fantastic and you get a really vivid image of the world surrounding the characters. Each character is portrayed really well and I love the way he seems to make every character different. I've already picked my top 3 characters; Jon Snow, Bran and Ayra - not entirely sure why but I seemed to enjoy their chapters more than any of the others and warmed to them quite quickly - Be interesting to know what I think about them at the end of the books.
  8. Dan's BCF Reading Journey 2015

    Books Read (May 2015 onwards) A Game of Thrones - George R.R Martin (Currently reading) TBR List Not entirely sure how long this is going to get, I wouldn't imagine too long. As I've said before - I prefer to go into a bookstore without any expectations and find something that interests me. A Clash of Kings A Storm of Swords A Feast for Crows A Dance with Dragons - All of the above by George R.R Martin Swords of Good Men - Snorri Kristjansson The Long Utopia - Terry Pratchett
  9. Thank you for this - I did check to see if someone reviewed it already but I didn't think to look in s thread like that! I think I may have to go out and buy it today - even though it doesn't sound like the best of reads, having something that is structured like GoT may just be what I need.
  10. If you have read my recent introduction post, you'll know that I am currently reading 'A Game of Thrones' but I am struggling to keep up with the flow of the book as I don't have a lot of time to put into it. Whilst looking for alternatives in my local bookstore I saw 'Swords of Good Men' and it was recommended for those who found GoT too heavy (On the little paper tag on the shelf). I was wondering if anyone here has read this book or has read any reviews? I don't particularly wish to give up GoT for something I don't know too much about, or ifs worth picking up.
  11. Another newbie arrives..

    Ahhh! So many to reply too - thank you for the welcome though Thank you for the recommendation, I may give GoT a little bit more time before I look into others. I have not, no. I've read the more stereotypical stuff like Batman and Superman. I'd love a high end £2000 PC but I don't have the kind of money So the PS4 it is. I may take you up on that soon - I am going to give GoT a little longer first. Thank you
  12. Another newbie arrives..

    It definitely is - I may have to use the recommendations page to find something a little less heavy. No, I do not watch the TV show, I never got around to it, the only thing I know about it is that everyone dies.