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  1. Well, my reading speed does not vary, just the hours per day that I spend on it vary
  2. Well it took me around 30 hours to finish the second and the third book of Twilight, so, according to this I never read the first one
  3. I am the only one that feels stupid because it took me far more time to read most of those ?
  4. Albert Camus - The Outsider

    Yes, there is that, but when most of your life nobody cared about you and your feelings. And yes there is the moment when you trully become an empty shell but still when most of the things you feel are negative, this alternative is not so frightening. I don't say that it is the right thing to do, I just say that I get it! Well, and that sometimes I envy those type of people. They seen less stressed, and given the fact that there are fewer and fewer moments that I feel really happy, you get my point.
  5. Albert Camus - The Outsider

    Well in my short but still eventful life I have had the chance to feel and not feel a lot for some really close relatives. So I think I can understand the narrator's point of view. I know it sounds crazy a bit, not to love your folks, not to feel anything when you do something horrible, it's cold sociopathy if I am not mistaken, or psychopathy, but yet..... There are some moments a person's life when you have to either pretend to care, or.... well.... For me this book was something that touched me deeply. I sometimes envy people that cannot feel a thing. Can you imagine that? Not to feel all the hurt, all the sorrow, won't it be much better? Especially if you are surrounded with it? I don't know if I was able to make anything clear? It's just a lil to personal and complicated, and maybe somehow twisted just to post it on plain view Don't call the asylum yet, pleaseeeeeeeeee
  6. Hi from Bulgaria

    Well, I love my job, so it's Ok with me. The only one problem is that I don't have so much time to read. Well I have a lot of books I like: Rose Madder - St.King; Anita Blake - Laurell K. Hamilton; Fifty shades ; IT ; K-PAX...... and so on, and so on.
  7. Hi from Bulgaria

    Yes, I am. I have finally found a place where I can discus books, what is not to like Thank you.
  8. Hi from Bulgaria

    Thank you, you have been perfect hosts so far.
  9. Literary Crushes

    Lol, I have one in almost every book I read. Well, almost, since the boys in the book I am currently reading are way under my age lololol One of my biggest crush is Jean-Claude from Laurell K. Hamilton's books: Anita Blake Series
  10. Question for you all....

    I don't mind reading about interesting new authors. One can always learn something new.
  11. Hi from Bulgaria

    Hi, My name is Marina and I am from Bulgaria. I am a book addict. I love to read. I love romances, crimes, horror, fantasy, Si-Fi. I really, really love to read, but I don't have much time to do so, since I work 7 days per week, 10 hours a day. Most of my friends don't read..... well at all. I am very happy to have found this place, because now I would have people to talk to about my favorite books. Well, that's me.
  12. Help needed with dystopian titles

    I may finish it. I liked the idea of the game, so I may endeed finish it. Will share my opinion when I do
  13. I want to become a Vamp, so I would have the time to read all the books I want!

    1. Athena


      But you'd have to eat blood instead of food! But yes, there are a lot of good books out there :).

    2. vodkafan


      That's an interesting hypothesis Marmin....would it ever be possible to read every book even if you had unlimited time and lived for ever? Presuming a vampire reads at the same speed as when he/she was human, there would still be more books written everyday than you could possibly read..until all the humans were dead and you could eventually catch up

    3. Marmin


      Now, now, vodkafan, why did you have to shatter my dreams :(

  14. Your Book Activity - September 2014

    I'm still reading Richard Wiseman - 59 Seconden (translated into Dutch from 59 Seconds), I should have it finished somewhere today and then I'll pick a fiction read. I'm not sure yet what as there are several books I really want to read (oh the dilemmas..). Ohhh yes, so may books so little time. Thats one of the main reasons I want to become a vampire when I grow up