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  1. Interview: Seth Patrick

    Yep, I've followed the posts over on Twitter (I'm not a stalker, I promise). I got The Girl who Couldn't Read first, then just had to get Florence and Giles - both were amazing. So, I'll look forward to it - these interviews are good!
  2. Please may I be entered into the goody-bag giveaway? Thank you.
  3. Interview: Seth Patrick

    Enjoyed reading your interview with Seth Patrick. I watched Les Revenants (which was brilliant), so I'd love to read the book now, especially if there's new storylines. Just added to my ever-growing wish list ! Now looking forward to your interview with John Harding...
  4. International Competition [Closed]

    Me thinks that should be my apologies.
  5. International Competition [Closed]

    The Killer Next Door, by Alex Marwood.
  6. Win a Hodderscape Book Bundle! [Closed]

    'Rooms' has got my attention from this selection, so this would be the one I check this one out first. (Thanks)
  7. Oh my word, they're both quite lovely. But if I have to choose one...I believe the UK got the better cover. I must say that website is mighty fine, too.