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  1. I liked the supernatural side. Just the general storyline really. I've read the wolves of mercy falls and the dark divine but I found them a bit young for me.
  2. I really enjoyed the infernal devices. Can anyone recommend a similar book they equally enjoyed? Aimed at young adult/ older? Basically nothing too cheesy! (I have read her other books)
  3. Winter reads

    Bright edge of the world sounds good! Just ordered it! I absolutely loved the snow child. I have read tenderness of wolves and loved that and also have another novel by her.
  4. Winter reads

    I've read both of them! Both brilliant!
  5. Winter reads

    I'm already feeling that Autumn/winter feel. Looking for a captivating seasonal read. Last winter I read the snow child, winter ghosts, the little stranger, mist in the mirror. Can anyone suggest anything? Something not too hard to keep up with.
  6. Spooky winter read? Christmas reads?

    I have just started The Mist in the Mirror by Susan Hill and I'll go onto The Tenderness of Wolves next
  7. Spooky winter read? Christmas reads?

    That's a brilliant film and the book is definitely on my to read list. I have the small hand? By Susan Hill unread on my book shelf.
  8. Spooky winter read? Christmas reads?

    I think I have that on my shelf! (Unread)
  9. Spooky winter read? Christmas reads?

    Read that one to! But yes something like that!
  10. I'm looking for a good winter read. Something frosty, snowy and spooky? I read the little stranger, snow child, the thirteenth tale and the taxidermists daughter all last year so hoping for something with that sort of vibe? Also maybe something Christmassy? I read some kind of fairy tale last Christmas and it was just lovely!
  11. Looking for werewolf books

    Just brought sisters red to, I'm going to need a new bookcase at this rate!
  12. Looking for werewolf books

    Thank you all for replying! I have now got a long list of books to read and also lost count of which books I've actually brought! (thanks eBay) I've purchased a book from eBay calked 'the girl with the werewol tattoo' by Alexia Wells and also 'prince if wolves' by Quinn Loftis. Has anyone read these?
  13. Looking for werewolf books

    I have recently strayed from my usual reads and came across 'Shiver' by Maggie Stiefvater, I really quite enjoyed it and have purchased the sequels. Could anyone suggest a similar book? Possibly aged a older age group? Thanks