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  1. Lucy-Anne Holmes

    Has anyone read any of the Lucy-Anne books, havent seen any groups and I think they're definitely a good read. If you love a Sophie Kinsella book, you'll really really enjoy this! On the kindle they're less than a pound each.
  2. The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

    I only watched the notebook as a film, I never read the book, so The a wedding wasy first Nicholas Sparks book. And I really enjoyed, theres something special about falling in love with the same person twice. The only thing I found was it was a little predictable, but im not sure if thats because im into that type of book or if its his style of writting. Really enjoyed though
  3. Chick Lits - Ebook

    Thank you for your comment. New to this forum thing ha. I shall have a nose around.
  4. Just joined this forum and can see topics are a little out of date, just wondering if is there any recent forums or if people are still blogging on here. Can anyone share some light? Thanks all.