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  1. Your Book Activity - September 2017

    That's good to know, I've wanted to read Girl With the Pearl Earring for a long time and The Last Runaway as well.
  2. Anna Begins 2017

    I read the Author's Note this morning and I think I will enjoy it. I want to go to Yosemite, and really, I should have by now as it's only a few hours from me. El Capitan is there was was recently climbed without harness or rope by Alex Honnold (I thought it was Tommy Caldwell, had to look it up). Thanks, it's nice to see you again too I bought some books for my daughter yesterday, I'm super excited. I wish she read more books, she is always on the computer! She has a 6th grade reading level at 3rd grade. The hardest part is finding books both at her reading and maturity level. I am Malala The Pearl by Steinbeck Holes by Sachar The Watsons Go to Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan
  3. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2017

    I have a box for my shoes and one of our cats has taken a liking to sleeping in it. Someone told me, cat fur is either a condiment or accessory
  4. Athena's Reading List 2017

    I have I liked it, but liked the second one less and didn't read the third!
  5. Muggle Not's Reading - 2017

    It will be interesting to compare notes!
  6. Kylie's Literary Adventures in 2017

    Congratulations on directing! I remember when you started stage managing! Happy anniversary and have fun at the book fair, it's good to see you
  7. What's for Dinner?

    A ton of salt accidentally poured out of the shaker into my mom's homemade chicken noodle soup I had eggs over medium and toast Edit: my 4,300th post!
  8. Sazed's 2017 Reading

    I didn't know Midwives by Chris Bohjalian was a Gilmore book! I liked it a lot. Happy reading and welcome
  9. Your Book Activity - February 2017

    I have 100 pages left of The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer. I still have Roots and 1984 (reread) to finish up.
  10. Anna Begins 2017

    I had only read Slaughterhouse Five as well (I thought it was weird, but that was a long time ago ), and I read about Mother Night in an article about how everyone in the US is freaking out and reading 1984. The article had 10 more books to read "now that you've read 1984" I just tend to like books that have dual realities or play with my head I'm hoping The Cold Dish will excite me Sort of a Western Jack Reacher
  11. Alex's Reading - 2017

    I'm so happy to see a review of Trainspotting! For someone not accustomed to the language, I can tell you it was such a problem I did Immersion Reading with it! I can understand the spoken word, but not read it! I loved the movie (McGregor, hubba hubba ) but loved the book even more. Have you read Fight Club by any chance?
  12. Vandals sentenced to read books about racism and antisemitism

    I read about someone that's been buying hundreds of copies of 1984 from an indie bookstore in San Francisco and just leaving them on the corner. Two other people have done similar with The Handmaid's Tale and Erik Larson's In the Garden of Beasts. All were gone within the days they were left.
  13. Anna Begins 2017

    Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut (270 pages) I just can't believe how much I enjoyed this book. I am formally in love with Kurt Vonnegut and aim to read most of his 40 novels. Howard Campbell Jr is a former Nazi imprisoned in Israel. Writing his memiors ahead of his certain death sentence, Campbell tells the story of how he worked in the Propaganda Ministry and became a spy for the United States. There is only one contact he had, the only one who can save his life. If this all seem straightforward, I've deleted details that could jeopardize your experience A background story that includes his dead wife and an elderly white supremacist makes quite a story, with a great ending. It led me straight to more Vonnegut, which led to Breakfast of Champions. 6/5 *Amazon's synopsis gives the book away. Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut (303 pages) In his seventh novel, Vonnegut's Creator of the Universe aims to make all of his characters major ones, weaving such a tale, I'm not sure which I liked more, Breakfast of Champions or Mother Night. This is the story of a second rate science fiction author named Kilgore Trout. He is invited to an arts convention in the small town of Midland City, Indiana. The parallel story is of a man with schizophrenia who owns a car dealership in Midland City. He is going insane. When the two meet up, the story rapidly makes a memorable ending after quite the head trip. Funny hand drawn pictures are delight throughout. 6/5
  14. Anna Begins 2017

    Gulag: A History by Anne Applebaum (736 pages) An epic history of Russia's gulag prison system, Anne Applebaum gives details of those that survived and of the lives of those who didn't. From the famous to the peasant, 10- 12 million people died in the gulags of the frozen North and the deserts of the South. About 80% of the book deals with experiences and lives of those imprisoned in what was simply hell. A reread for me, 5/5 A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn (208 pages) A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich was a reread also, which began my interest in the history of the gulag system and branched out into overall Soviet history. I took four years of the Russian language in High School, so I've always been interested in Russian history. Work is called off when the thermometer hits -40 below, unfortunately for Ivan Denisovich Shukhov, it's only -37 and after trying to get admitted to the infirmary, he's off to work. I often read comments that Ivan Denisovich tries to get out of work all day, is lazy and sneaky. Even in my rereading of this novel, I see Ivan Denisovich as a survivor, an intelligent man and one who works just as hard as his team. Which is unimaginable. Ivan Denisovich has worked his way to this desolate, frozen tundra, which is harsh but not like the previous camps he'd been incarcerated in. For doing nothing to be in the gulag system, Ivan Denisovich spends his day just trying to be... alive at the end of the day. Alas, just to start a new one. 5/5
  15. Top 5 (or 10) Wednesday

    How is she liking her Christmas cat tree? Our cats love theirs, we even put some catnip on it