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  1. Your List of the Top-5 Modern Day Horror Authors

    Yeah it's funny I guess, I don't read as much horror anymore either but horror is what got me into reading so I always pay it tribute out of sentimental value lol.. There was once a time when it was all I read (literally) but I have since became more of a murder-mystery & thriller fan. But I do still like horror novels.
  2. Top 5 Horror Author (in no specific order): 1. Stephen King. 2. Brian Keene. 3. Robert McCammon. 4. Dan Simmons. 5. Peter Straub. Honorable Mention: Richard Matheson. I've been working on this list, it's strictly my opinion. I'm anxious to hear others top 5 list. I took into consideration both the quanity & quality of each's literature work. Therefore, i didnt list authors such as Ketchum because although I really liked The Girl next Door, i cant say the same about his others, so consistency counts (Same with Joe Hill but his career is young). Also, Koontz wasnt listed because he's over-rated & boring, Laymon wasn't listed because he puts out way too much junk & Clive Barker isn't listed because I've never read a single book of his, though from what I hear, he probably belongs here on the list.
  3. Hey Athena! I don't know if you remember me but its sort of ironic to hear from you, as I thought of you when writing this. I remember you for always having the exact same taste in books as me lol. Very good advice btw, thank you a bunch I did end up choosing a new novel that's been on my TRL for awhile called Desert Places by Blake Crouch. It's not overly short (300 pg) so hopefully it's an easy read and I just get sucked in
  4. Oh, thank you all so much. Wish me luck with my !!
  5. Hi I'm a pretty long time member, haven't been on as much lately, usually turn to Goodreads but when I have a special question, I know just where to turn For those who don't know, readers block is when it's hard to read, even when you force yourself, you simply can't retain anything you've just read. I have ADD and I think it's most common for others with ADD. Anyways for passionate readers like myself, this can be like torture. I hear everyone has their own home remedy to cure it, some go back and read their favorite books to help remind them why they fell in love with reading in the first place. What helps me is reading shorter novels.. I actually just read a really good one called "Kill Whitey" by Brian Keene. It was awesome yet only 196 pages lol. By any chance, can anyone recommend some good yet short novels? I love the horror-thriller genre. Some favorite authors of mine are Kevin O'Brien, Tom Piccirrilli, Brian Keene, anything similar would do. thank you
  6. Probably would say Kill Whitey by Brian Keene. It's not a book i'd give to my niece lol but everyone else (family & friends) I think would enjoy it. And it's considerably short (196 pages). I always try getting everyone to read but they're all too lazy or uninterested. Their loss...
  7. Okay then! So many good suggestions. I cannot thank you people enough! Athena, I like the look of that one, The Crimson Petal and the White, it looks very interesting.
  8. Oh , I forgot to add that I'd like it to be a fiction novel. Thanks
  9. I know that's a brief description but it really is that plain, any good book that takes place in England.. I'll be honest, it was the show & book "Outlander" that got me so interested in English history & traditions (even though the book takes place in Scotland more than it did England). I'm English-American and it was the first time I felt such a connection to my English Roots. Lol hard to explain. But anyways, the recommendation doesn't have to be all that similar. It doesn't even have to be historical fiction. But if it is, all the better. I would just like that it takes place in England. Thank you so much.
  10. George R.R Martin

    How far did you get in the series? And no, the Winds of Winter still just says "Forthcoming" but I'm almost positive it should be out before the summer of 2015. The last one 'A Dance With Dragons' was released in 2011.
  11. Best Book(s) of 2014 so far?

    Athena, very awesome list
  12. Michael Connelly

    I was going to ask this question in its own thread but I didn't know if the Mod's would have liked me opening a new thread just to ask a question so I will ask it here. I am a HUGE fan of Michael Connelly and I loved "The Lincoln Lawyor" movie. But I've been waiting for years to see the sequel to the movie that they said over 2 years ago was in process of being made, yet it never came out and I cant find any news to it. If you're familiar with the book series, you'll know it can obviously happen but I believe the problem may be this: The Lincoln Lawyor is book 1 of the Mickey Haller series. But Mickey Haller #2 and Harry Bosch #14 are the same book. I thought it might cause confusion so I don't know if that's why or not. If anybody has any info, I'd love to hear it. Thanks
  13. Amazon's New Library Card

    Lol yeah, I totally agree with that Virginia. I love the coziness of Libraries. And all the librarians are so cool at my local library too. I wasn't too fond of the library at my college though. They basically frisk you every time you leave to make sure you aren't stealing books (I think the college kids must steal stuff or something).
  14. Goodreads

    Oh I love Goodreads. I found it to be one of the best ways to find new books that you haven't yet heard of. They have cool lists for each genre and lots of description and reviews for each book. And once you get real familiar with how to use the site, you tend to use it a lot (Or at least I do). I think it's great!
  15. Amazon's New Library Card

    Glad to help, I hope it suits you.. Its actually funny how the book shopping patterns change. When I was a newbee reader, I shopped at B&N. As I got more experienced into reading, shopping got more sophisticated and I learned Barnes & Noble didn't have a large variety of novels so I found amazon. And that was good for awhile because you can find almost any book on amazon but the prices were usually high for new books and no telling what shape a used book would come in.. That is when I found ThriftBooks. Free S&H, the prices are awesome, and it tells you what condition your used book will come in; acceptable, good or very good. I always choose very good condition because they look brand spanking new.