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  1. Hi Nicola! I love your avatar! I love to write and read poetry as well! I actually prefer writing in prose because I find ideas can flow more freely however I prefer to read structured poetry. Who are your favorite poets? Mine are Christina Rosetti and William Blake.

  2. how can mentioning a book you have just read be promotional? Unless you wrote it yourself? :giggle2:

    I have read anumber of books set in WW1 but just off the top of my head can't think of any with the exception of the brilliant trilogy written by Pat Barker [fiction] Im hope less with titles but it may be Regeneration[maybe not] just google this author and you will find out. Oh there is also Sebastion Foulks as well, he has written a couple of good books set in this time period which you may enjoy [i know that Birdsong is one.]

    Birdsong! I read that in another book club I was in. The book is well written and very realistic. Glad I read it. But it was a bit too mature for me. And the storyline I didn't find all that interesting. I didn't like the adaptation either.

  3. I haven't read any more Tudor  books yet CC. I wonder what attracts us to certain periods in History?Interesting thought, as we all seem to be different.Have you been to UK to visit Tudor 'sights', Hampton Court etc?

    Hi GG! How are you?


    And, sadly, no I haven't visited any Tudor sights. Have you?

  4. Hi Signor! I just got the North and South book for Kindle! I can't wait to read it! I saw the BBC adaptation and absolutely loved it. Have you seen it? I think Mr. Thorton has to be one of my favorite literary men in all of English fiction. His relationship with Margaret was so romantic. Though I do think that Margaret was just as stubborn as Mr. Thorton and I think that it was just as much about Mr. Thorton changing as it was for Margaret.

  5. Just watched North & South starring Richard Armitage! It was wonderful! One of the best period dramas I have ever seen! I haven't read the book but if it's anything like the adaptation then it's lovely! I loved Thorton and Margarets relationship. It was so romantic! :kiss: Mr. Thorton is so perfect! Loved him!

  6. That is certainly the conventional view, but Byrne argues rather strongly against that idea, and spends some of her chapter based on the laptop amplifying.  Basically, Austen spent a fair bit of time refining work she had already done, whilst developing two new works, both of which were aborted for various reasons (thus the idea of struggling?).  Her main energies appear to have been focused on being published, using material she had already produced.  It wasn't that she was finding it hard, it was that her efforts needed to be focused elsewhere.  Once she was published, the output picked up again.

    I thought so because Jane wrote so much about Bath.

  7. Heathcliff is a very passionate and devoted character but he's also unkempt and uncouth. Knightley he annoyed me greatly in the book because he was, I think, very sarcastic and egotistical. However, think I'd rather choose Knightely because he is more well mannered.



    John Thorton - North and South


    Rhett Butler- Gone With the Wind

  8. I thought of an idea for a fantasy type game where one person would name 2 famous literary love intresests in a novel(s) and deciced which one you would prefer as a fictional romantic love interest and why.


    For example:


    Mr. Darcy - Pride and Prejudice


    Rochester- Jane Eyre




    Mr. Darcy


    Mr. Bingley

    (from the same book)


    Then explain why you think the other is more appealing/romantic then there can be a friendy debate and then the next can put their famous literary hero.

    Ok so first:


    Mr. Darcy - Pride and Prejudice


    Rochester- Jane Eyre

  9. Hi lilradish! Nice username and avatar!


    I'm a fan of history as well but I love the Renaissance era particularly the Tudor period. I too wish I was born in this era! The clothes were so beautiful.


    What other authors do you like?

  10. I didn't hate it, but it didn't compare to the book.  I felt it was watered-down to the point where it was just a series of action sequences linked by clunky exposition.  The book has a wonderful flow to it that the movie lost completely.  It felt rushed, to me.  I thought the changes to Iorek Byrnison's character weakened him from the rock he is in the book.  It was generally just a missed opportunity, I think :shrug:

    Hi Karsa!


    I agree with you that a lot of what's in the book was not inculded in the movie. Perhaps because Nothern Lights is so long they had to make it shorter for the movie. I know that Phillip Pullman did have a say in how it was portrayed and was pleased with the movie.

  11. Signor, I loved The Golden Compass movie even better than I liked Northern Lights. I thought the movie was brilliant. It made me love Iorek Byrnison -- whereas in the book he's not that lovable. I have only one more to read in the Northern Lights saga and that's Lyra's Oxford. But you might like Pullman's Sally Lockhart novels. Though they are mysteries they still have an element of fantasy to them. I read all of them in the saga and they are great!