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  1. The meaning behind your forum names

    Well my online name ought not to bo too much of a mystery those of you who have read some of Pratchett's Discworld novels. Especially the ones with Sir Samuel Vimes the Duke of Ankh in them...lol
  2. Opration Mincemeat was very good, I would also recommend looking at some of the James Bond Novels by Ian Flemming, they are great.
  3. Need Suggestions

    While I have not read The Shadow of the Wind, it dose sound similar to The Black Opera by Mary Gently. I didn't finish it but it was good, just wasn't what I wanted to read...warning there are a LOT of lectures from the main character, he has a issues....shame. lol
  4. The Hobbit

    Oh and the movies are so not aimed at children....
  5. The Hobbit

    I loved both Hobbit movies and thought that Jackson did a great job of adding the extra stuff that was in the index and left out of the LOTR movies. I thought that he had done this while not losing the hart or the story of the Hobbit. I also don't mind the love story with Kili and whatsherface...it helps fill the characters out well as the original character's in the book were rather flat. If you actually think about how simple and well flat the original story was you start to realise just how good a job Jackson has done with finding extra material to add to the story so that it is in fact watchable...
  6. Maybe you should look at Haruki Murakami's books. They have that little bit of everything quality to them that might appeal.
  7. Need Suggestions

    The Starbuck chronicles by Bernard Cornwell (Historical Fiction) are brilliant, I would also recommend: Shape series - Bernard Cornwell Phules Company series - Robert Asprin (Sci-fi but not every so, the story is much more focused on the characters than space travel and that. I am loving them and I'm not a Sci-fi fan ) Ramage series - Dudley Pope (great action packed naval historical fiction novels) Riyria Revelations - Michael J Sullivan (Great epic fantasy series) Corean Chronicles - L.E Modesitt
  8. Not exactly new but..

    hi bookgeek! welcome back
  9. Hmm, well as you didn't mention any specific genre I am just going to list an assortment of books from different genre, Historical Fiction : Starbuck Chronicles - Bernard Cornwell Sharpe series- Bernard Cornwell Range series- Dudley Pope Flashman series - George Macdonald Fraser Sano Ichiro- Laura Joh Rowland Falco series - Lindsey Davis Genghis series - Conn Iggulden Emperor series - Conn Iggulden Brother Cadfael series - Ellis Peters Fantasy: The great Book of Amber - Roger Zelazny Riyria Revelations - Michael J. Sullivan Corean Chronicles - L.E. Modesitt Bardic Voices - Mercedes Lackey Bards Tale - Mercedes Lackey Deathgate Cycle - Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Memory, Sorrow and Thorn - Tad Williams Elemental Masters - Mercedes Lackey Sarrated Edge - Mercedes Lackey Tamuli - Favid Eddings Elenium - Davd Eddings Farseer Trilogy - Robin Hobb Liveship Traders - Robin Hobb Humor : Xanth - Piers Anthony Jeeves - P.G Wodehouse Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency - Douglas Adams Detective and mystery novels: Archaeological Adventures - Lyn Hamilton James Bond - Ian Flemming Spencer series - Robert B. Parker Dalziel and Pascoe - Reginald Hill Detective Chen series - Qiu Xiaolong Body Farm - Jefferson Bass Nic Costa - Avid Hewson well there are a few choices for you to take a look at and see if anything grabs hope you find something to read...
  10. it isn't Goodreads by any chance?
  11. Ever lose respect for an author?

    Well while I have never gone off an author because of something I learned about them, it comes from knowing that I would do so if I ever knew anything about them so I never look them up or read about there personal lives and avoid all info about them except if a new book is out. lol It is sometimes hard to play deaf, you know, hear no evil see no evil will still buy book :-P lmao!
  12. Anybody know anything about horses?

    Rodeo horses buck because of the bucking strap around their middle which irritates the genital area. Animal advocacy groups actively oppose rideos for the various different cruelties. As for your riding scene - that "traditional" idea of "breaking" a horse is outdated and cruel. No-one does it like that, and even when they sort of did it was rare that it was like in the movies. If she does not know how to ride just let him put her on a difficult horse. That will be more than enough challenge.
  13. 7p. JRR Tolkien 6p. Terry Pratchett 5p. Jane Austen 4p. Charles Dickens 3p. George Orwell 2p. Oscar Wilde 1p. Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  14. Devi's Mount TBR List 2014

    Ai I meant to put in mount TBR lol, this is why you don't do some thing when very tired!
  15. Well I have voted for my three authors!
  16. Devi's Mount TBR List 2014

    Something terrible happened this evening, when I tried to put new books on my kindle I was told that it's memory was FULL! I had to go through my books and make some tough decisions about my books. I took some books off that I have read and won't read again but it was sad...here I was thinking that it would take ages to fill the memory on the Kindle. Sigh will take a other amble through my library and see what else can go...
  17. I love these books and have read all but the last four or so... They move right along and although you get a feel for the rhythm of the books after a while they are in many ways even more enjoyable for it.
  18. Worst ever film from a book?

    The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy movie was HORRID!! I watched it a few years ago and sat there wondering if at any point they were going to put do anything that was going to save the movie but they didn't. I find it hard to even choose a worst moment as the movie seemed to lurch from bad scene to a awful scene to worse. Thankful I can still injoyed the books I just won't be watching the movie !
  19. I am busy making my way through the Ramage series by Dudley Pope. I am now on book twelve and have loves every one of them, the books follow Lord Nicholas Ramage as he goes from a lieutenant in charge of a sinking frigate through his (I don't know how far up the chain of command he goes as I haven't finished the series yet) various adventures while fighting the French and Spanish during the French revolution. The books are fun and well written with the author having an obvious love and interest in the ships (and the time in history) that are as much a part of the story as any of the characters. I would recommend these books to anyone who has an interest in the sea and the ships of the time this book is set in as well as whoever has read the Sharpe series and has injoyed them.
  20. Books you should like...but don't

    Nope you are not the only one! I couldn't even say why I don't like game of thrones but I don't! LOL guess I will never know
  21. The last film you saw - 2014

    I have just finished watching the Desolation of Smaug and I loved it! I thought that it followed a lot closer to the original story and I can see why he added some extra scenes in the few places that he did deviate from the story. I am also enjoying seeing the other side of Gandalf that was hinted at in LOTR but never quiet seen. So all in all I enjoyed it and there is only one thing I have to say about the movie that is anything but good, one is that they ought to have made the jewels and gold on Smaugs underside more visible, after all he did have about a kings ransom stuck into his tummy scales after sleeping on all that gold for so many years!
  22. Books you should like...but don't

    The game of thrones, I should like it, it has all the elements of a book that I would love but I can't seen to read them and I have tried on more than one occasion. I think I had managed to struggle my way to book three but Aye! I want to strangle all the characters and the only nice one dies! LOL
  23. The Fantasy Book and the Movie

    I watched Eragon first then read the books as I like books with dragons but I wouldn't saw I got the books because of the movie, in fact I was hopping that the books would be totally different from the movie but was disappointed as although they were different they were different in the way I wanted them to be. But if I read a book first I decently want to see the movie version of it IF it looks good and sometimes I will watch anyway just to see how badly the movies makers messed up .
  24. The Fantasy Book and the Movie

    Ah well I was talking about the new versions of Narnia, I didn't even know about any other versions .
  25. The Fantasy Book and the Movie

    Hmm I rather found the Narnia movies to be rather a let down even though they did follow the books. I remember watching the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and thinking that they lost something in the scene when Aslan gets killed, it was so much more scary and dark in the book, I get the feeling that they toned down the monsters a wee bit to much...