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  1. yes that would work for Frank Herberts original 6 books. When you start with the Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson series you should read in sequence from the beginning. That said the House of ..... trilogy is worth your time and the current School of ...... trilogy is quite good [even if the third novel has yet to be published]. Whatever you do DO NOT READ: worms & hunters of Dune as they are really shhhhhhh!
  2. Best Author Competition - Round 2

    Margaret Atwood --vs-- George Orwell --vs-- Daphne Du Maurier Vladimir Nabokov --vs-- John Banville Samantha Hayes --vs-- Stephen King Edward Rutherford --vs-- L.E. Modesitt Sophie McKenzie --vs-- Leo Tolstoy Peter F Hamilton --vs-- Chris Manby Franz Kafka --vs-- Bernard Cornwell Hilary Mantel --vs-- Terry Pratchett Charles Dickens --vs-- Salman Rushdie Robert Jordan --vs-- Edgar Allan Poe Donna Leon --vs-- Paul Auster Elizabeth George --vs-- E M Forster Tash Aw --vs-- Oscar Wilde Maggie O'Farrell --vs-- George Eliot Virginia Woolf --vs-- JRR Tolkien Fyodor Dostoyevsky --vs-- Edith Wharton Conn Iggulden --vs-- Jane Austen Neil Gaiman --vs-- Sophie Kinsella Gabriel Garcia Márquez --vs-- William Faulkner Paulo Coelho --vs-- Rebecca Gable
  3. Book buys: Internet or bookshop?

    I love browsing in any bookstore, I do like the internet prices better. I generally buy books at both, especially to keep the bookstore alive. But too often I did order a specific English book and they come with a different version, Like ordering the US edition of Dr. Sleep and getting the UK version. When I ask them about it they tend to be angry with me for asking such stupid things. And then I order for a while on the internet. I just bought a collection of 30's Edgar Wallaces in their red hardcovers, and those you find on the net easier than in most shops.