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  1. It's been a long time RD. I hope all is well with you. :)

  2. This week should be fun. Job interview Thursday and math exam Friday!

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    2. poppyshake
    3. Ooshie


      Good luck for both, risingdawn! :)

    4. risingdawn


      thank you! I had my interview today and it went really well. Will find out if I have a job tomorrow/monday! :D

  3. Boris the spider is under my bed after I disturbed him. How to get rid of? I hate spiders!

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    2. risingdawn


      Please do haha! I would hire you to flush my house every month! And my Mum squashed him. He was hiding under my bed :(

    3. chaliepud
    4. Karsa Orlong
  4. Ahh, @sjtoyne The Tower is so good so far. Not giving away too much to keep me wanting to read more. Cant put it down!

  5. Commenting on the kitchen cloth:Mum: why did we only get one sheet? Me: cause Juan sheet does plenty!

  6. Considering I eat/drink a lot of sugar, the dentist says my teeth are really good!

    1. Karsa Orlong

      Karsa Orlong

      Was that before or after you bit his fingers?

    2. risingdawn


      I managed not too! Haha. He poked my gums with the pointy thing you stick in the molars :(

  7. Thoughts go to those at #bostonmarathon

    1. Eleonora


      Nothing to add, I feel rather empty at the moment.

  8. So close to 2 top prizes on McDonalds Monopoly Fortunes!

  9. Not done any revision the past 2 weeks! #oops

  10. I have the dentist on Tuesday and I'm still drinking fizzy drinks!

  11. Whole bottle of smirnoff ice gone. Now to watch Big Bang Theory from the beginning!

  12. This weeks #DrWho was alright. Next weeks looks so much better

  13. Love how a bunch of students are doing the harry potter song outside my window