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  1. Well.. a new year, a new film topic! I haven't seen any films in the past few weeks, because I haven't had enough energy to watch any. Post about any film(s) you've seen recently that you feel like talking about.
  2. Read-a-thon 2020

    Hey! It's (almost) 2020.. so here's the preliminary schedule for the BCF read-a-thon in 2020. The aim is to read (in) one or multiple books during these days. You can read whichever book(s) you like. No themes or rules! General rule: The read-a-thons take place on the first Friday of the Month and are on that Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There are exceptions, we may move a read-a-thon if that suits its participants better. The dates for 2020 are (Friday, Saturday, Sunday): January: 3th, 4th, 5th February: 7th, 8th, 9th March: 6th, 7th, 8th April: 3th, 4th, 5th May: 1rst, 2nd, 3rd June: 5th, 6th, 7th July: 3th, 4th, 5th August: 7th, 8th, 9th September: 4th, 5th, 6th October: 2nd, 3rd, 4th November: 6th, 7th, 8th December: 4th, 5th, 6th I hope some of you will want to join me again for some of these dates . Though I may not be available on a few of these .. we will see! Happy read(-a-thon-)ing in 2020 !
  3. Read-a-thon 2020

    Happy reading to you too Marie! I hope you enjoy finishing off Misery, Karen! Awww, I'm so sorry about your refridgerator being broken . I'm really liking it so far! It's middle-grade fantasy, book 1 in the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. There are 5 books in total, I have the box set. I hope you enjoy(ed) finishing off The House Without Windows . Yesterday I read 3 chapters of Fablehaven (1) (62 pages). I also read Volume 3 and Volume 4 of Komi Can't Communicate by Tomohito Oda (two manga volumes). I then read Alone by Christophe Chabouté, a graphic novel. Lastly I read Thornhill by Pam Smy, which is part graphic novel and part prose ('text'book). Hopefully I can do a bit more reading today. We're having a heatwave here, it's 37 °C today and it's too hot for most things (including packing for the upcoming move less than 2 weeks away). I didn't sleep that well because of the heat, I woke up at 3 in the morning with a headache. I managed to get a bit more sleep after 4 (I took a painkiller), but I'm still having a headache unfortunately. Last night we heard some bad news, my grandfather fell off a 'rung ladder' and broke his heel bone . Happy reading everyone!
  4. I read this book a few years ago too and I really liked it as well. Happy (re)reading !
  5. Recipes From Around The World

    Hmm.. I'm not sure what kind of specific recipes you would be looking for. What kind of things do you like to eat or do you not eat (ie. do you eat meat, fish, eggs, carbs?)? Are you looking for something for dinner? Or ie. something not for a meal, such as cake? I'm also not sure what kind of things are available over there in the US vs the Netherlands. I often find with American recipes they name an ingredient I've not seen here. But anyway.. if you want something typically Dutch 'hutspot' comes to my mind. It's not really a summer food though, it is a winter food (it's mashed potatoes with sometimes mashed carrots, sometimes sauerkraut, a 'rookworst' (a type of Dutch sausage) and gravy; I know there are varients with 'boerenkool' as well instead of the carrots or sauerkraut but I don't like that. Not sure what boerenkool is in English, sorry). My partner and I make pasta a lot (usually with tomato sauce, sometimes with carbonara sauce, bell peppers and/or mushrooms, and a type of meat), we sometimes have chicken tandoori with rice and vegetables but it requires a pack that I don't know is sold in other countries. We sometimes make bami but again that requires herbs that I don't think you can find in the US, but I could be wrong (it's pork, noodles, specific vegetables and bami herbs). On occasion we make a 'vegetable tart' with 'puff pastry', eggs, creme fraice, certain vegetables (for example, leek), a type of proteine (such as bacon bits / lardons, or tuna), and on occasion grated cheese on top (note: Dutch cheese is very different from the standard American cheese.. just fyi). Well.. just throwing some random ideas out there.. I'd have to think about what meals we often have that could be interesting.
  6. Read-a-thon 2020

    I kind of forgot about the read-a-thon this month! I mean.. the move has been more in my mind than anything else. I'm currently reading Fablehaven (book 1 in the Fablehaven series) by Brandon Mull together with a friend from BookTube, we're reading 3 chapters a day and should have it finished in a few days. I started re-reading Maar je ziet er helemaal niet autistisch uit by Bianca Toeps. Had I realised it was the read-a-thon this weekend, maybe I would've hold off until after. I would've liked to re-read Elise Cordaro's memoir after, Anders kan ook. But not sure now what I will do. I would like to read some graphic novels and manga for the read-a-thon. Happy reading Hayley!
  7. Whoops for not posting in my reading log for.. over a month . So.. here are really short bookish thoughts. Natalie C. Anderson - Let's Go Swimming on Doomsday This was an excellent YA thriller / contemporary fiction about a teenage boy named Abdi whose family is kidnapped. He is forced to become a child soldier for the jihadi group Al Shabaab and in order to save the lives of his family he has to figure out their plans and send information on them to the Americans. Abdi's brother is a soldier for Al Shabaab, he was taken from his family a few years prior to the story. I really liked this book. Mirjam Mous - Boy 7 This is a Dutch YA thriller, which takes place in the US. It's about a boy who wakes up in a field but can't remember much, including his name and how he got there. It was a really suspenseful read. Laura Kate Dale - Uncomfortable Labels: My Life as a Gay Autistic Trans Woman This is a memoir about, as the title says, Laura who is a gay autistic trans woman. I liked it. Isabel Greenberg - Early Earth 2: The One Hundred Nights of Hero A graphic novel that takes place in the same world as the author's graphic novel The Encyclopia of Early Earth. I liked it. Tillie Walden - The End of Summer The author's debut work. I've previously read her graphic memoir Spinning, which I really liked (which is about her growing up and her passion for figure skating and figuring out her sexuality). The End of Summer is a graphic novel about a boy who is ill and lives in this big house/castle. I found the story confusing tbh. Tillie Walden - I Love This Part This is a YA graphic novel about two teenage girls and it's about love. It was a nice read, quite short though. Tillie Walden - A City Inside Another short graphic novel, I liked it at the time but struggle to remember things of it several weeks later. Tillie Walden - On A Sunbeam This is my favourite work by this author. This is a science-fiction graphic novel about a restoration crew and two girls at a boarding school and it was excellent. If anyone is interested, it can be read for free at the On a Sunbeam Website: https://www.onasunbeam.com/ I read the paperback version but you can read it online as well, the author originally published this story as a webcomic first (Link to Tillie Walden's website: https://www.tilliewalden.com/). Tillie Walden - Are You Listening? This is the author's newest graphic novel. It's about Bea who runs away and meets Lou, then the two of them go on a sort of road trip together. I liked it a lot. E. J. Copperman - Haunted Guesthouse Mystery 5: The Thrill of the Haunt The next installment in the Haunted Guesthouse Mystery series. I really liked it. It's a cozy mystery series with ghosts. Peter F. Hamilton - Chronicle of the Fallers 2: Night Without Stars This is adult science-fiction, book 2 in the Chronicle of the Fallers duology. I enjoyed this conclusion to the duology. Melinda Grace - Meet Me in Outer Space YA contemporary fiction about a teenage girl who's at college. She has a learning disability and loves fashion. She lives in the United States and wants to spend some time in Paris, so she has to take an extra French course at college. But the professor of the course isn't really willing to help her out regarding her learning disability. I really liked this book. Heide Boonen - Duivelshanden This is a Dutch contemporary fiction book about a younger teenage girl who in school suddenly gets angry and attacks a classmate. She locks herself in her room. Her father gives her a blank notepad/notebook and she starts writing down what has happened. I liked this book for the most part. It is just over 100 pages and was published in 2001. Shaylynn Hayes - Full of Sound and Fury A memoir written by someone who suffers with misophonia. She also interviews other people who have the same condition. I liked this memoir. Amy Reed - The Nowhere Girls YA contemporary about rape culture and feminism. It centres 3 teenage girls. A while earlier, a teenage girl at their school, was raped by several boys from the school, but was forced to leave because no one believed her. The 3 teenage girls decide to do something. I loved this book. Eoin Colfer - Artemis Fowl 4: Het bedrog van Opal (The Opal Deception) The 4th book in the Artemis Fowl series, it was really enjoyable. Disney, Jasmine Jones - Lizzie McGuire 5: Op de foto (Picture This) Disney, Terri Minsky - Lizzie McGuire Cine-Manga 4: Volume 4: I Do, I Don't & Come Fly With Me Disney, Terri Minsky - Lizzie McGuire Cine-Manga 13: Volume 13: Obsession & Gordo's Video These were nostalgic reads for me. Would not suggest them if you're not familiar with the TV show they are based on. Juno Dawson - This Book Is Gay A YA information book about being LGBT. It was a nice read and I liked the illustration. I would've preferred more content on asexuality and the ace spectrum. Juno Dawson - The Gender Games The author's memoir about how she realised she's a (trans) woman rather than a gay man. I really liked it. Esther Verhoef - De Debutante A short story that came with a free magazine I got. I didn't like most of the magazine that much, but I liked finding this short story in it! It was nice . Francien Regelink - Druks A Dutch AD(H)D memoir that recently came out. I loved it and recognised quite a few things.
  8. Wow... 2020?!?! My mind isn't quite there yet! Welcome to my 2020 reading log!! Links to my previous logs: Athena's Reading List 2013 Athena's Reading List 2014 Athena's Reading List 2015 Athena's Reading List 2016 Athena's Reading List 2017 Athena's Reading List 2018 Athena's Reading List 2019 Links to posts within this thread: Books read in January 2020 Books read in February 2020 Books read in March 2020 Books read in April 2020 Books read in May 2020 Books read in June 2020 Books read in July 2020 Books read in August 2020 Books read in September 2020 Books read in October 2020 Books read in November 2020 Books read in December 2020 Books abandoned/DNFed in 2020 Statistics of books read in 2020 My favourite books, series and authors Bookish Goals 2020 Previous Statistics: Books read Jun - Dec 2012: 43 Books read in 2013: 143 Books read in 2014: 254 Books read in 2015: 502 Books read in 2016: 425 Books read in 2017: 236 Books read in 2018: 262 Books read in 2019: 213 Pages read in Jun - Dec 2012: ~25000 Pages read in 2013: ~37000 Pages read in 2014: 62932 Pages read in 2015: 112787 Pages read in 2016: 95007 Pages read in 2017: 52853 Pages read in 2018: 60308 Pages read in 2019: 51572 Link to my BookTube Channel Gaia Athena
  9. What's the weather like?

    It's been really hot here, it was the hottest 31rst July ever measured in the Netherlands. Gladly today it's a bit cooler, so I've got the windows open so the house can cool down a bit. By the end of the week though it'll be warmer again unfortunately.
  10. I can see the circles too! It took a little while but then I saw them . How unusual!
  11. Word Association

  12. Willoyd's Reading 2020

    I liked Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8 more than The Reason I Jump, though neither one is a particular favourite among the autism memoirs I've read. I loved The War of the Worlds too!
  13. Danny's Introduction

    Welcome here !
  14. What are you watching in 2020? (TV shows, documentaries, etc. There is a seperate thread for films). I haven't watched anything yet today as I've been too exhausted, nor yesterday, but the most recent TV show episode I watched was from The Big Bang Theory season 12.
  15. Welcome Back! An Update

    I'm glad to see the forum back! Thank you for all your efforts . It must have been a stressful time for you . I haven't browsed the forum much yet other than the main index and this topic. The only thing I've noticed, is that when I hover over your, or anyone else's, name, it used to show bits of the member's profile, but now it says: There was a problem loading this content.
  16. Free Ebook Sites

    I couldn't quickly find a topic on this (other than the Kindle specific topic), so I thought I'd make one. The idea is listing sites where one can download free legal ebooks (or that show links to them). Such as: Project Gutenberg Amazon.com Free Kindle Books (US + certain other countries) Amazon.co.uk Free Kindle Books (must be UK resident I believe?) KoboBooks Free Bol.com free ebooks Kindle Buffet Open Culture free ebooks (also Open Culture Free Textbooks and Open Culture Free Audiobooks) Mobile Reads Free Ebooks Smashwords Free Ebooks Wikipedia Books Free Ebooks.net Book Boon General Ebooks Ebook 3000 Book Rix Ebook Lobby Ebook Mall SFF PDF
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  18. Books read in August 2020 154. Juno Dawson - The Gender Games 155. Esther Verhoef - De Debutante 156. Francien Regelink - Druks Last Updated: 04-08-2020.
  19. Books read in July 2020 136. Laura Kate Dale - Uncomfortable Labels 137. Isabel Greenberg - Early Earth 2: The One Hundred Nights of Hero 138. Tillie Walden - The End of Summer 139. Tillie Walden - I Love This Part 140. Tillie Walden - A City Inside 141. Tillie Walden - On A Sunbeam 142. Tillie Walden - Are You Listening? 143. E. J. Copperman - Haunted Guesthouse Mystery 5: The Thrill of the Haunt 144. Peter F. Hamilton - Chronicle of the Fallers 2: Night Without Stars 145. Melinda Grace - Meet Me in Outer Space 146. Heide Boonen - Duivelshanden 147. Shaylynn Hayes - Full of Sound and Fury 148. Amy Reed - The Nowhere Girls 149. Eoin Colfer - Artemis Fowl 4: Het bedrog van Opal (The Opal Deception) 150. Disney, Jasmine Jones - Lizzie McGuire 5: Op de foto (Picture This) 151. Disney, Terri Minsky - Lizzie McGuire Cine-Manga 4: Volume 4: I Do, I Don't & Come Fly With Me 152. Disney, Terri Minsky - Lizzie McGuire Cine-Manga 13: Volume 13: Obsession & Gordo's Video 153. Juno Dawson - This Book Is Gay Last Updated: 31-07-2020.
  20. Books read in June 2020 113. Bethany Rutter - No Big Deal 114. Ann M. Martin and Katy Farina (col. Braden Lamb) - Baby-Sitters Little Sister Graphic Novel 1: Karen's Witch 115. Robin Ha - Almost American Girl 116. Ruby Elliott - It's All Absolutely Fine 117. Jen Wang (col. Lark Pien) - Stargazers 118. Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks (col. Sarah Stern) - Pumpkinheads 119. Kayla Miller (add. col. Katherine Efird) - Olive 1: Click 120. Kayla Miller (add. col. Miguel Co) - Olive 2: Camp 121. Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm (col. Lark Pien) - Sunny 1: Sunny Side Up 122. Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm (col. Lark Pien) - Sunny 2: Swing It, Sunny 123. Catherine Hapka - Plants vs. Zombies: Save Your Brains! 124. Peter Bently and Steven Lenton - Cruella and Cadpig 125. Alex T. Smith - Claude: Best in Show 126. Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty - Ten Little Bookworms 127. Thanhha Lai - Inside Out & Back Again 128. Peter F. Hamilton - Chronicle of the Fallers 1: The Abyss Beyond Dreams 129. Eoin Colfer - Artemis Fowl 3: De eeuwige code (The Eternity Code) 130. Renée Watson - Some Places More Than Others 131. Claire Kann - If It Makes You Happy 132. John F. Taylor (ill. Tad Herr) - De AD(H)D Survivalgids (The Survival Guide for Kids with ADD or ADHD) 133. Robert Thorogood - Death in Paradise 4: Murder in the Caribbean 134. Natalie C. Anderson - Let's Go Swimming on Doomsday 135. Mirjam Mous - Boy 7 Last Updated: 30-06-2020.
  21. What's Up in May 2017?

    Wow, can you believe it's May already?! I hope you enjoyed your weekend . I'm glad you had a good week . Congratulations on graduating! Yesterday we had a nice dinner with my parents. The weather was quite nice, so I spent a bit of time outside. I read a lot on Saturday (finishing off the book I was reading), but didn't read much on Sunday.