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  1. Read-a-thons 2021

    I totally forgot but the December read-a-thon is originally scheduled for this weekend. I'm reading two adult novels atm (Srawberry Shortcake Murder, which I'm reading with a friend, and The Book of Two Ways) and I have a somewhat busy weekend so I don't know if I'll be reading any of my usual read-a-thon reads (manga, graphic novels, graphic memoirs, illustrated children's books). We'll see I guess. Alternatively I guess I could also read some of that read-a-thon stuff another time this month. EDIT: Oh and on Sunday I start an adult novel together with a friend.
  2. I'm currently reading Joanne Fluke - Hannah Swensen 2: Strawberry Shortcake Murder and The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult.
  3. It used to, but a while ago Amazon recoded things and I don't think it's been possible since then (but I haven't rechecked).
  4. I loved The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet too, I'm glad you adored it as well! Yes, it is more character driven, very different from most of the science-fiction I had read prior to reading this book. I have read the first 3 books in the series and so far enjoyed the first one the most. I'm waiting for a medium size paperback release of the 4th book, which I'm really looking forward to read once I can (pre)order the medium paperback with the same cover as to match my other 3 books.
  5. Wheel of Time

    I agree! And whoops I forgot to post here after watching episodes 2 and 3. Episode 4 was the best one so far imo too, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the episodes.
  6. Your Age?

    Congratulations to you and your other half Muggle!!
  7. Your Age?

  8. Personal Library

    What a lovely article, thank you Luna for posting it ! I love being surrounded by my books, and yes good memories of the ones I read, and books unread that will hopefully bring joy. I have a lot of books. I had a list in a database file at first (which I printed every time I went out book shopping, so I wouldn't buy double copies as much), then in 2013 I found out about Book Collector (a program on the computer) and the mobile app CLZ Books so I purchased them and switched to that (they also include my Kindle books, so if I want to know the exact amount of physical books, I'd have to go and tell it to deselect any ebooks).
  9. Wheel of Time

    Amazon Prime NL now says there'll be a new episode on Fridays. Yesterday I watched the first episode, and I like it so far. They've made a few changes, some good some bad, but overall I really enjoyed watching this first episode and I look forward to see more.
  10. Wheel of Time

    I have read them all and I love the series. It's not for everyone though. I hope you enjoy the books since you already have them . I hope you enjoy the TV series, and also your re-watch of Babylon 5! Awww for there being only 3 episodes! I was hoping for a bit more than that. I'm glad you really liked episode 1. I'm glad Rosamund Pike is doing a great job of playing Moiraine! Yes, it makes sense to drag it out a little. I couldn't watch 3 episodes in the same day because of my sensory issues, I'll watch one episode per day. But I might be tempted to watch more than 1 episode per week, we'll see. I've just checked: my Amazon Prime NL has 3 episodes up, but it also says 'new episode weekly'. So maybe we will get more episodes?
  11. Wheel of Time

    I'm very excited about the Wheel of Time TV series too!! I don't know if they'll put up one episode per week or what, but I'm very happy Amazon Prime NL will put up the TV series (as it's listed and has trailers and a release date of the 19th of Nov), I'm really excited to watch it (together with my other half, who has not read the books).
  12. Read-a-thons 2021

    Yes, I've had that happen too. Aww. Most of them were, yes ! Thanks! I'll be avoiding going out for a while since it's pretty bad here and I do not want to get sick.. we'll see how things go. The NL government will hold another press conference in just under 2 weeks and evaluate if they need to extent the partial lockdown or not.
  13. Yay!! I'm glad you enjoyed this trilogy . I too thought this was a trilogy !
  14. Read-a-thons 2021

    I'm sorry for being absent. I did do some reading during the read-a-thon weekend, but mostly on Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday were very busy for me and I was exhausted afterwards (sensory overload), I didn't have the energy to go on the forum after. My library loans have been handed in now, in the end I managed to read 20 out of 25 (during the loan time, not all during the read-a-thon lol). Things are bad here again with Covid cases, so we're in a partial lockdown for a few weeks, and I'll be avoiding going out for a while. But I'm glad I at least got to borrow books once from the library (since 2019). Did you finish Lady Audley's Secret?
  15. I just ordered this for myself on Sunday! I'm glad you enjoyed this one! Muggle Not has been reading books in this series and he's been enjoying them too. I have them on my Kindle wishlist, I'll buy them at some point and read them, I think I will like them too .