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  1. I've been battling covid symptoms the past few days. My daughter's family all have it, except her husband because his work requires him to travel. So there are 7 people (one adult, six kids) in one home with it, the youngest being 5 and just exhibited symptoms. I've tested almost every day and while it says negative, I am asymptomatic. I'm around the children almost daily so there's no way for me to really avoid it. I went and picked up meds and drinks for my littlest one and brought back two children with me. They are over the worst and are on the mend. I have them settled in the sunroom. They will have to stay away from their papa tho as he's healthy. I thought I wanted to read but I can't get into a book yet. I feel tired and restless at the same time. And the body aches are killer. Guess I'll dose off and on for the rest of the day.
  2. Nothing quite like having a flying Palmetto bug aiming for your head!
  3. That's so interesting! I live in the Southern portion of the US, which is SWAMP HOT. The humidity is killer. Add to that, there's the flying no-see-ums, mosquitos, and flying Palmetto bugs (roaches with wings) I can't imagine NOT having screened-in windows. I suffer from seasonal eczema and psoriasis and the heat makes it unbearable so air conditioning is a must. Landlords are required to have air conditioning in their units because death-related heat is a real thing. It's one of the few things tenants can withhold their rent payment (only in the southern states). Simple window units run from a few hundred US dollars and up, depending on the size, and BTUs.
  4. How expensive is it to install an HVAC system or a window unit in the UK?
  5. I found it at Walmart, believe it or not! They have kind of a nostalgia section with complete seasons of lots of old shows, like Mash, Waltons, Andy Griffin. This looks to be the original based off the library copies I've rented.
  6. I washed my land rover, took my pupper for a quick walk (heat) did a bit of shopping at Trader Joe's for our daughter, and picked up a dual dash-cam for both of our trucks along with the complete seasons of Northern Exposure! Now I'm home and did a "mini spa" day for our date tonight.
  7. It's another cloudy, dreary day. I took my oldest grandson to a wellness checkup and then to lunch. The rest of the day will be spent reading and puttering around. Those blackberries look divine!
  8. I recently became president of my neighborhood homeowner's association. As I'm starting from scratch (the old president moved away) because it was so convoluted and militant, I'm revamping it. I finally got my Facebook page set up and have spent the morning posting PSAs. I don't have the members yet because many are older and I have to get the word out. But, it's at least ready!
  9. It's a quiet Sunday as well. Dinner is prepped, the house is clean and the grandchildren are entertained. Hubby and I are currently watching Pompeii. It's been a scorcher most of the afternoon but the clouds are darkening and preparing for a storm this evening.
  10. It's been a busy and productive week. The Land Rover situation has been taken care of. I had the GMC detailed after its visit to the shop. The four-legged boy has been groomed (by me), the shopping done, and end of the month budget has been handled. The grandchildren have been here since yesterday and I took them to the park, fed and gotten them bathed and ready for an evening of movies and crafts. I am now relaxing for the remainder of the weekend.
  11. Thought I'd start a new topic. What's everyone up to today? Did you put any new books on your TBR list? Did you BUY or check out any new books? Are you working today? Going to school? Shopping? Vacationing? Visiting? I'm moving some inspirational books from my office to my sitting area in the sunroom (conservatory) so that I will remember to read them. It's also a space where I will be more inspired to write. The office just doesn't do it, even with a lovely view. I'm also waiting to hear from the auto repair shop. We bought a Range Rover a few weeks ago and found out that this particular year has a recall on the gas tank edge. The dealer had to fit us in as every Land Rover dealership within 300 miles is backed up till the end of August. The smell of gas was giving me a headache! After I pick it up, I plan to come home and stay put. I've got "admin work" to do for a neighborhood meeting, and do some financial paperwork. A rainy day is the best day to do the dull and dreary work. I also have a book by Kathryn R. Wall I want to get into. It's called In For A Penny. It's set in my hometown and it's a mystery so I want to read and get some ideas on how to write local fictional books. So, what are y'all getting up to today?
  12. LOL! I'd almost wish for it because then I'd know what to expect! Today we have rain and it looks like we'll be in it for at least a week and a half. We need it so I won't complain (like that helps). My plants are getting watered without any help from me. The rain HAS dropped the temps by double digits so there's that.
  13. Dreary, not dreary, dreary, not dreary. Ugh.
  14. https://www.keurig.com/Home-Coffee-Makers/K-Café®-Special-Edition-Single-Serve-Coffee-Latte-%26-Cappuccino-Maker/p/K-Cafe-Special-Edition-Coffee-Latte-Cappuccino-Maker:Nickel_color This is the brand that I have. I love that I can do lattes and cappuccinos with it. I can also do a shot of espresso. That's what I use for the iced coffee. When I didn't have one, I just made black coffee and then let it cool. I put crushed ice in a glass with vanilla syrup and cream then add the coffee. Easy peasy!! If you can find the vanilla Jack, you should really try it!
  15. I'm a BIG fan of the Honey Jack and the Vanilla Jack. It's so smooth!!!! It's the only brown liquor I drink. I gave a bottle to my neighbor for Christmas and now its her favorite. I'm cooling off with an iced coffee that I made using my Keurig. That thing is one of the best investments I made last year.
  16. Thanks, Luna! It's still a challenge but I'm going to push forward. We're about to become pescatarians. We love seafood and salads and I plan to incorporate way more veggies. And I've been forcing more water down my throat.
  17. Woke up to temps in the 60s. It's now 84 degrees and relatively pleasant. I actually got out and watered my plants and herbs and puttered around outside without feeling like I was melting. The rest of the week will be teasing the triple digits with two days actually committing to three digits. We went out and bought Nerf water guns and a plastic pool for the littles to cool off in when they are over here.
  18. It's "10 degrees of hell" hot here in South Carolina. It's got my eczema acting up. I try to find the best times to water my outdoor plants but if I don't get them watered by dawn's early light, I can't water them later because the water and sun will wither them. I try to do it in the evening but the heat and sun don't go down until about 2000. I'm already showered and ready for bed!
  19. It's so dang hot! It's so hot that I find that I don't have much appetite. This isn't a good thing as I'm Type II diabetic. I love summer fruits and veggies but too much can raise my blood sugar up. Last night I didn't eat dinner, I ate bowls of watermelon, popcorn, and a snicker bar. Yeah, dumb! I've got to get interested in healthier foods but when I'm too hot, I get bored and eat what's quick. What do YOU eat when it's too hot to breathe?
  20. I miss the coziness we used to have. We have so many members but there doesn't seem to be a lot of interaction. We have REALLY great topics but they are just not being utilized. It feels like nobody's home and I want to bang on the doors and wake up the neighborhood!!! The world has become so crazy/dangerous that I just want something familiar to come back to.
  21. I really miss all the activities we once had here! Facebook really did a job on these forums, didn't it? Is there a way to recapture that feeling we used to get when we came to the forum?
  22. Yup! Started reading already!
  23. Just saw this. is it still on? Is it too late? I'd love to do the group read!
  24. For the first time EVER, I have been at the very beginning of a new series and I must say, I love it AND WOT! I'm on episode 4. Even tho they air on Friday nights, I make myself wait til Sunday afternoon to watch. It's my weekly treat. the cast is really impressive and I can say I'm hooked!
  25. The Temptations, Silent Night. Christmas doesn't truly begin until I hear this song for the first time during the holiday season.
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