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      It's Christmas in July! The winner of the July Supporter giveaway will receive this beautiful Barnes & Noble edition of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, as well as a special Charles Dickens tea by  theliteraryteacompany.co.uk .   I've been keeping this book a secret for so long (I couldn't wait until Christmas!) It's actually from a really lovely independent bookshop in Hay-on-Wye, the town of books. I'm so glad I finally get to show you! The picture doesn't even do it justice. A nice feature that you can't see in this image - the page edges are gold and (an extra surprise for the winner) the back is just as beautiful as the front! We also now have twice as much tea as previous giveaways!  (Thank you Literary Tea Company!)   As always, supporters are automatically entered into the giveaway and a winner will be chosen at random at the end of the month. If you want to enter this giveaway but you aren't a supporter, you can join in here https://www.patreon.com/bookclubforum .   Good luck  

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  2. Curse Of The Wild Weed Flower - Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner
  3. What are you listening to?

    Lucky Ladybug - Billy & Lillie
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  5. A good bit of random nostalgia maybe?
  6. I'll be adding some of these suggestions to my list, too. I enjoyed the Frost books a lot, and the programme with David Jason is good as well. I can't think of any authors at the moment like this series but I'll keep thinking.
  7. Had to look up OCR there, but that would make sense. Some of the errors just looked like typos, but a couple were a completely wrong (but similar looking) word.
  8. Your Book Activity - July 2019

    Yes, I think a lot of Kindle versions are just OCRed across, with little checking.
  9. Giveaways - Have Your Say

    Sorry this reply is soooo late!! I think the prizes so far have been great. Personally though, I think I would prefer them to be less frequent. There are only 6 supporters which means by the law of averages we'd be winning something about twice a year. That makes me feel like a decent chunk of my donation is going towards my own prizes, which feels a little odd to me! I'd be happier winning something less often and more of my donation going towards the site. So a seasonal competition would seem preferable to me. Also a prize would feel more special if there's less chance of winning it. Also I'd be happy for the giveaways to be open to non-donors. As others have said maybe there could be a mix of supporter and non-supporter giveaways, (so there is still an incentive to donate).
  10. Andrea's reading in 2019

    Back when we were grownups by Anne Tyler In her fifties, Rebecca Davitch sits up one day and wonders who she really is. Has life taken her down the path she really wanted to go along? Has it changed her into someone she can no longer recognize? A whirlwind romance in her twenties changed her path dramatically, but widowed by thirty with three young stepchildren and a daughter she was left to run her late husband's family business by herself. Now she wonders what might have been and starts to think about the man she was engaged to before she met her late husband. This was my first Anne Tyler, who I'd heard lots of good things about. While I found it took a little while to get into, once I did it was a pleasure to read. The prose is lovely, and while not a huge amount actually happens I somehow found myself turning the pages. It was a gentle, thoughtful read with engaging characters and lots of well drawn details and insights that made me feel I was right in the middle of the story and could recognize the interior life of the characters. I enjoyed it and would read more from this author.
  11. Never Ending Book Titles

    Empire of the Sun - J G Ballard
  12. Karen.d's Reading List 2019

    I loved Shadow of the Wind, definitely a keeper, hope you like the rest of it.
  13. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Chrissy !! I hope you enjoy my book reviews and summary . Thank you so much . I hope you are doing well .
  14. Book Titles A to Z

    Jam by Yahtzee Croshaw
  15. How do you think we could revive the miscelleny of fascinating characters from yesteryear?
  16. Word Association

    Polar bear
  17. Born To Be Wild ~ Steppenwolf
  18. Yes, it was extremely disappointing. I seem to be reading a lot of disappointing books at the moment. However, I'm reading 'Shadow of the Wind' at the moment and I really like it so far.
  19. Last week
  20. I've just finished the Kindle version of John Wyndham's The Kraken Wakes and there were several errors that I am sure are not in the print version.
  21. Your Book Activity - July 2019

    Is it self-published? There's more of that around now too. I tend to find that these are the most vulnerable. On a different tack - just 'finished' I See You by Clare Mackintosh for one of my book groups. It's a psychological thriller. I read the first 80 or so pages, then skimmed the rest. Predictable, but then they usually are (not so much over whodunnit, although the culprit wasn't a suprise, but in the general direction and structure of the plot, the characterisations, techniques used etc etc.). 2/6.
  22. Book Titles A to Z

    I, Robot by Isaac Asimov
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