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Harry Potter Books by J. K. Rowling

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Heh. The pictures are funny, and the serious comments correcting the mistakes are even funnier. :)


I thought it was funny how 'reality sets in' :D Great ideas! :smile2: 

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I've just bought the whole series (again! I've gotta stop doing regular clear-outs of my books) in paperback and all in the "YA" versions, frankly only for economys sake. So Ive got a mixture of different covers, which is fun!


It does annoy me though how, even though the readers are supposed to "grow up "with the characters, actual sets themselves are either cartoonish or more staid, which is the "adult"version.


Why has no one chosen to illustrate the covers starting off younger when Harry is 11, and matureing as each subsequent book completes the story.?


Too much like common sense, maybe - ?


Enjoy, everyone, no matter which versions you read!

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Great author, Even i would like to start reading Harry potter books series..

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My favorite Harry Potter book is number four, 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.'

I had actually seen the movie before I read the book and I believe it made the read even more enjoyable. To be honest, at first I was a tad bit of a hater when it came to all the Harry Potter fans and their books and movies. Then later on in life I read the first couple of books for myself and instantly saw what the buzz was all about. 

The fourth book in the series is my favorite just overall altogether, but my favorite chapter out of any book that I had ever read- for a long time at least, not anymore- was the scene where Harry's and Voldemort's spells collided and Harry overpowered him. When Harry's parents ghosts blocked Voldemort so that he could escape. That scene is amazing. 

I am an author myself and Joanne Rowling is an incredible inspiration to me. The story about what was going on in her life at the time she was getting the Potter wheels rolling is a wild one. The things she overcame by using sheer will and a natural God given talent allowed her to go from 'rags to riches.'-HOWEVER, I do not want you to think that the money part of that statement is what inspires me, because it is not. The things that she then continued to do with that money after she attained it... all the kids and people she helped and knowing exactly what it is like to be there at a loss because she had done it herself. It hits me so hard because she not only achieved the task of being able to properly take care of her family, her daughter, but she then went on to put a huge portion of her fortune towards making other peoples lives better. She did all of that with her ART! Her imagination. 

On top of that is the Harry Potter series itself. I believe that the single most important word in our language is, 'influence.' The influence she has placed upon the world through her stories, and then through the money she has made from those stories, is one of the most powerfully positive ones in human history.

THAT, inspires me. I can only hope and pray that maybe one day I will be able to help toward making this world a better place half of the amount that she has.

I kind of got carried away with this post, but I am a passionate man and what is greater to get excited about than trying to fix this world. If you read this, I hope you can relate. Thanks for your time.

                                          -Tony Brady

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