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Question about Green metropolis

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If anyone has any more questions about Green Met, I'd like to direct them straight to the official FAQ section of their site HERE.


Don't forget, you can also contact them directly with any questions not answered there (they're very nice people, I promse! :tong: ).

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I was just totting up today and realisd I've sold 30 books through Green Met this year alone! I've only bought 19 though (and about a dozen of those were for Tadpole). I've always had excellent service through them, both as a buyer and a seller. On one occasion, I had two people request the same book within second of each other and could only obviously send to one of them, so I let the Green Met staff know that I would send to the one whose email had come in first and they dealt with the rest of it - they found an alternative copy for the 2nd buyer.


There's only been once that one of the books I sent got lost in the post. Again, the Green Met staff dealt with everything, letting me know that the book hadn't arrived and making sure I knew how to claim back from Royal Mail with my proof of postage (which you shoudl ALWAYS get when you send out a book for sale).


There has only been one instance of a book not arriving at my end and one other instance where the seller discovered they no longer had the book after all - the Green Met staff sorted out everything - in one case they were able to source an alternate copy for me.


I've only once had a book arrive that was not in the condition described (it was described as being in excellent condition and hactually had pages of the introduction missing - althoughnone of the actual story was missing, thank goodness!). I got in toch with the Green Met staff and they spoketo the seller about listing their book conditions honestly - can't say fairer than that!


I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Green Met both to buyers and sellers. It can take al ittle shile to get selling, but it largely depends on what you list and how much in demand those books are - I had been listed for about 6 or 7 months before I made my first sale, but I've now made almost 100 sales ove the past couple of years - it's a nice little fund of pocket money for my book buying sprees - LOL!

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Sorry to double post but with a book not in stock there nothing to add it to wishlist. i sent an e-mail to them about another book they did get back to me.


Thats a downside of it.

Click the 2nd circle when searching:

Search books: books in stock all books (to add to Wish List)


Sometimes they take a few days to get back to you as they're very busy. Quite often the questions have been answered in their FAQ swection, so it pays to check there first.

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