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Of course!




This book here:) It talks you through reading some classics, gives you some background notes and tips for getting the best out of the books you read. If that makes sense!


Initially I thought this looked like an interesting idea. Then I remembered how much I hated English at school. A surefire way for me to ruin enjoyment of a good book is to try to study it.

Luckily I find the opposite with science - that it becomes more interesting to me the more I study it.

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Thanks for the comment ladymacbeth! The great thing about the book is that it gives you only a few things to think about, I think the main aim is to discover things for yourself. And I agree about the science thing! The trouble I have is I want to read and learn about so many different things that there is not the time in the day!

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I know I'm reviving old topics as I dive back into things so I hope nobody minds.


I just checked out the link for this book (The Well Educated Mind) and it looks very interesting. I've been reading more non-fiction than fiction of late and books about "how" to get the most our of your reading have been catching my attention, so I think I will add this one to my list of books that need to be viewed at the store before deciding. But so far it's looking good. :readingtwo:

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