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looking for book title and author

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This is going to be very vague as I don't have much info to go on, but I'm hoping someone can help me out...


The book I'm looking for is an epic tale about love and family relationships. It's set in Kingston, Jamaica (or somewhere in those parts) I think and is about an Indian family. It starts off with the daughter of a wealthy family who falls in love with the son of their servant, which of course is not acceptable in the class divisions. I can't remember much more about it, but it continues through several generations and the title is something along the lines of 'Of Love and Marriage' or something about weddings...very vague I know but hope you can help.


If you've got any ideas at all please let me know.





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Hi there and welcome :) I've moved your thread to the relevant section of the forum; hopefully one of our members will be able to help you in your search.

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