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Recommendations based on various authors, please

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My husband has only recently got into reading, and his choices so far are fairly narrow.


I'd like to find a new author, but along the same lines as those he's already read and enjoyed.


He's read:


Jeff Abbott

Geoffrey Archer (no, not that one!)

Harlan Coben

Robert Crais

Michael Crichton

Tess Gerritsen


I bought him a Kathy Reichs to try, but apparently it's a 'later' one, and also not a good one to start with as it's 'different' from her usual style.


So any recommendations along those lines would be great (and also whether I need a certain book to start).


Thanks in advance. :D

I am an avid reader, but now I have become a reviewer with a publishing company and they let me pick a free book to review. I chose The Lazy Crew by Jon KuCala and this is a very exciting book. Also, The 13th Hour by Richard Doetsch. Also, Lee Child and his Jack Reacher series, and Vince Flynn with his Mitch Rabb series and excellent writers.

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