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Help finding ghost/time travel short story

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I'm trying to find a ghost/time travel short story I read a year or so ago but cannot remember who it was by, where I might have read it or even very much about the story line!


I remember reading an intro about the story which suggested it was influenced by J W Dunne's An Experiment in Time. I thought it might have been a J B Priestley story but can't find a synopsis of any that sound similar.


Anyway, all I can recall is something to do with a house and a gate at the end of the garden and an oldish gentleman who keeps stopping at the gate and is either talking to the protagonist or is observed by the protagonist. The impression at first is given that he is a ghost but then suggests he's a time traveller. Or at least I think that was the idea. My memory of it is so vague, I have a more clear memory or reading that it was influenced by Dunne than what the actual story itself was. 


Thanks in advance for any help.


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Your description does sound (sort of) similar to the JB Priestley play 'An Inspector Calls'. You said that you didn't find a matching synopsis though. It's a tough one, and so frustrating when you know the story / book is out there! 

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