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Iain here and thanks for having me.

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Hi All…, and thanks for having me.


‘Writer’s block’ is the main reason for my presence while living in the hope that someone may be able to provide a few pointers.  In the meantime, I’ve noticed that the Forum is dedicated to readers and not writers, so I suppose I’ll have to wait until my ten posts are published before joining the Writer’s Corner.


I’m in my early 70’s and left school at the age of 15, so I’m certainly not an intellectual.  However, I do have dozens of unpublished manuscripts gathering dust in the attic, where they’ll probably remain until my family decide to bin them.  But that’s not my problem !

About six years ago I decided to get down to some serious writing and being a serial entrepreneur, I took it in my stride to take on something which I’m sure many Authors would reject.

I’m a former Lance Sergeant in the Pipes and Drums of the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards and I live not far from Waterloo in Belgium.   My battalion was on Wellington’s right flank along with the Coldstream and Grenadier Guards…, and I want to ‘rewrite’ the Waterloo history books. (lol)



I am not an Historian…, I prefer the term battlefield detective and because of it, I have discovered things that turn many of the traditional stories on their head.


I’ll post this first as a ‘trial’ before going any further.   

Have a nice weekend.

Kind ReGuards…, Iain.

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Hi Iain,


Yes this is indeed a book readers forum, however there are a few of us with more than a passing interest in writing. Alternatively you may find a site like https://absolutewrite.com/forums more helpful. (I used to frequent it many moons ago.) But since many writers are often avid readers as well, perhaps you will like it here regardless.


Welcome to the forum in any case :)

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Welcome to the forum Iain and all the best with your writing. Sounds a fascinating subject to research :)

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Andrea and Poppy…, thank you, and thank you for your honesty. 


I feel slightly embarrassed in accepting your advice, nonetheless, I will certainly check it out.

For years I’ve been trying to find a forum not just to learn from but also to share ideas.  My first was American…, although I love them, I don’t particularly like their ‘isms.’  Another last month was finally British and despite it being a site for good English, half of them were texting conversations using ‘SMS.’ 


Also, to tell you the truth, (on this site I’ll probably have a thunder bolt fall on my head for saying it) but I don’t particularly like reading.  I usually fall asleep after 10 minutes ! (lol)

On the other hand, I’m up every day at 04h00 and write constantly until late in the afternoon.   


I wish you all the best.

Kind Regards…, Iain. 

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Oh I wasn't trying to shoo you away by sending you to another forum! I hope it didn't come across that way! You are most certainly very welcome here!! But that forum I linked to I found quite useful when I was writing, though I haven't been there for some years. There are some writers on this site though the writers' corner here is a little on the quiet side these days, although it may pick up with the new 'writing opportunities' thread. You are obviously welcome to join in there :)


Even if you're not much of a reader there is plenty of general chat that goes on here too!

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