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Can anyone help me R. D. Wingfield Frost alternitive

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Hello to anyone who cares to read, this is my first post.

I have just finished reading my last Frost book, no I tell a lie they all read themselves and having only just started reading to help my sleep, they are a godsend. 

I have tried inspector Morse and its not for me, maybe later but at the moment I cant connect with him.  I like the more humanist and giving nature of frost, always wiling to take the fall for others and I am desperate to find a similar character this is aided by the image of David Jasons. 

Thank you for reading my post



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Hi David and a big welcome :)


Have you read any of the Chief Inspector Gamache series by Penny Wood? Gamache is a very sympathetic and interesting character.


There's also the Shetland series by Ann Cleeves  you may have caught on TV, featuring Douglas Henshall.


I've been watching Endeavour, the prequel to Morse and enjoying it very much. I was wondering if there were books covering this period. I haven't watched or read the Morse series.


I'm sure others on here will have lots more suggestions :D

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I was going to suggest Gamache as well, and Ann Cleeves is another good suggestion.  No more books on Endeavour, and the author of Morse died last year.


Just thought of another couple - P D James's Adam Dalgliesh series, or Susan Hill's Simon Serrailler books, although they can be a bit dry.

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I'll be adding some of these suggestions to my list, too.  I enjoyed the Frost books a lot, and the programme with David Jason is good as well.  I can't think of any authors at the moment like this series but I'll keep thinking.

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