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Mrs. Sherlock Holmes

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Hi! Do we have any fans of Brad Ricca out there? Anyone read his 2016 book, Mrs. Sherlock Holmes? I'm about midway through and I have so many opinions already! His main strength as a writer seems to be repeating main themes and he has strong symbolism throughout the novel as well. His imagery appears fact based, which ordinarily, is not my favorite, but it does allow easier access into the mind of the main character. Does this carry into any of his other books or is it due to the nature of the book? Historical writing is almost clinical in the way it can blow through facts, and while I enjoy it for this particular piece of nonfiction, it is not my favorite. While Ricca is a male author, it is clear and present in his diction that he has a respect for women even during his dialogue that suppresses them. It is a weird paradox for the time period that I typically don't deal with but I'm discovering a new appreciation for him allying women, even during such a time where women's rights were still absurd. Does anyone have any specific thoughts or feelings regarding the author or book? I'm excited to hear any and all commentary!

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