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Anyone finds it hard to get into Allegiant? (mild spoilers)

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Anyone finds it hard to get into Allegiant? (mild spoilers ahead!)



It felt like after the previous book/insurgent's ending reveal something explosive should be happening, a head over heels escape - and maybe it is coming later, but the first chapters seem to just hang in place kinda stuck! The second book apparently in some people's eyes had a similar issue but in my opinion that works because the opening kinda moves fast and then it feels appropriate with the characters recovering and figuring things out that it takes a while. But the third book has no interesting start, everyone is just kinda locked in and planning things but as a reader I don't know what and it just doesn't want to go anywhere for a while. I also found the sudden use of additional POV (Tobias) out of place and a bit jarring.


Does it get better soon? Anyone else had similar issues with that book?

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Hi, welcome to the forum!


I've added spoiler tags to your spoilers, here's how you do it yourself:


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I didn't find it hard to get into Allegiant when I read it many years ago, but I do like the book less than Divergent and Insurgent. A lot of people feel that way, so it's not just you! From what I recall it does get a bit better later on in the book, but it has been some time since I read the trilogy so I can't be 100% sure.



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