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A book a read as a child

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Hi, can anybody help me with the name and author of a book I once read as a child and now cannot remember. The book follows the happenings of a young boy, the book from memory was set in England in the 60’s/70’s. In one part of the book, the boy climbs the school clock/bell tower while at school and inscribes his name into the brickwork, to which I believe he saw that his father had done the very same thing when he was a child. I hope this can be named as I have wracked by brain for several years now, I am now 30 and believe this was read when I was possibly 10. 

Any help is appreciated 



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I dunno.

Yet there are many such queries in the course of a year, just similar to yours.

Usually the person doesn't log in again 

Never understood that.

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