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Looking for Books similar to Honeycote

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I haven't read the Honeycote series yet unfortunately. It is on my TBR (to-be-read, I own the books and have them on my shelf unread, republished under newer titles). I have read a novella by Veronica Henry called A Sea Change, but not yet the Honeycote series nor any of her other novels. A series that may fall under the same genre, that I have read, are the Benson Family / Proper Family novels by Chrissie Manby (starting with A Proper Family Holiday, book 2: A Proper Family Christmas, book 3: A Proper Family Adventure, and book 4: A Wedding at Christmas. There are also two short stories). I love that series. But since I haven't read the Honeycote books yet, I can't be 100% sure that the series will be similar.

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