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Anyone know this Detective?

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I read this about 14 years ago, so forgive the lack of details...


Set in the late 1800s. The detective is Sherlockesque. He is a (I think rotund) Scottish man. Ex-Scotland yard turned private detective or a least has some police training. With a young handsome Jewish valet and young doctor does join him as a partner. He has a shooting range in the basement. And stone Roman bath in the back.


 I’ve always wanted to re-read and figure out if there is a series. Good luck and thank you for your help!

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There's a series called 'Frey and McGray' (the first book is 'The Strings of Murder') which is set in Scotland in the late 1800s. McGray is a large Scottish man and Frey is a younger man who joins him from London. Unfortunately it's too new to be the book you're talking about, and there's no shooting range in the basement, but I thought I'd mention it in case it's similar enough to be of interest. I hope you find the original book.

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