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So, I was putting in an order to Amazon yesterday and looking for books to add to get free p&p, and I came across some cheap books which I already have copies of - which made me think that someone else might like them and take a chance on a new author. They`re good books, but the last copy available on Amazon, so that`s why they`re heavily discounted. I`ve read some - but not all - of the books, but they`re all from authors I buy a lot from ( usually at full price, as soon as they come out ).


Latte Trouble - Cleo Coyle ( £2.08 atm )


The Ghost and the Dead Deb - Alice Kimberly   ( £1.31 )


The Ghost and Mrs McClure - Alice Kimberly  ( £3.34 )  


                  (£2.30 )
Sour Puss - Rita Mae Brown


Crazy Like a Fox - Rita Mae Brown ( £2.46 )





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