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I am looking for a book with a certain literary technique.

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Let me know if this is the right forum.

I am looking for a book where the author uses parallels and repetition through the story perhaps to demonstrate character growth. 

My example is The Kite Runner by Hosseini. 

In this novel there are a lot of events that parallels events later in the novel.

The Kite Runner Spoilers (for anyone who wants to read it)

Examples of parallels:
First event:
Amir frames his servant Hassan by putting money and a watch in the mattress.
Second event:
Amir helps a family but putting his watch and money in the mattress.

First event:
The phrase: “I ran” is emphasized when Amir runs away after Hassan is raped. 

Second event:
The phrase returns and is again emphasized when Amir runs with Sohrab when they are flying kites.

First event:
Hassan has a hairlip but then gets it sewn.

Second event:
After getting beat up, Amir gets an injury that looks like a hairlip.

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