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From Earth to Moon - Jules Verne (Help with this book)

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Hi All!
I found this book in a pile of junk our company picked up to recycle (we're a recycling company) and I need some help with it.

Firstly- any idea of age?

Secondly I've been unable to find any copy of this book with the same cover. The cover was on a different Jules Verne book so I am really confused. Have the two been put together?

Also what does it mean by 'Author's copyright edition'? 

Thanks in advance




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I am no expert, but the Author's Copyright Edition comment may be significant. I'd suggest Googling that to see what it means. You may have a rare book, or you may not, but that looks encouraging to me! Good luck! 

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What a pretty book! I can't believe someone put it in the recycling :o


I could be wrong but I think it probably states 'author's copyright edition' because of the issues raised about copyright in the mid 1800s. Particularly the fact that books were being printed and sold in America without the authors permission (and obviously without them receiving any money for their books there). It was an issue Dickens was very involved in and I can't remember the exact year but it did end up bringing in some new laws about reprinting books. I think 'author's copyright edition' literally means that that this is an edition which has the author's permission to be reprinted and sold, under those new laws.  


I thought the cover thing was very weird, but I did an image search for the publishers and Jules Verne and it looks like they used the same cover for a lot of his books. I have no idea why, it looks like it was designed for 'The Mysterious Island' to me. 


Anyway, I followed the image search and found this website with the publication history of 'From the Earth to the Moon,' which says your edition is circa 1920 http://julesverne.ca/vernebooks/jvbkfromearth.html


I'm glad you saved it from being recycled :lol:


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