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I've never read a book

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Hi, I'm 18 and have never read a book in English
English is my third language and it's not used a lot here so growing up I only had access to my English school books and some old English/American books that were translated to French (Honnestly, even in my first and second language I didn't read a lot, I've always felt that reading was related to homework and school so I didn't include it in my free time.)
Lately my english teacher gave my class a long lovely speech about how reading is neglected by our generation and how most of us have a poor lexical field, that speech motivated me to read, and i'm asking you to help me pick my first book..
I like mysteries, thrillers, and adore noir and neo-noir genres, I'm searching for a book with a confiedent, strong, mature, independant femme fatale as the protagonist (or playing a major role in the story)
Thank you  :kiss:

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I haven't read them yet, but I've heard "A Study in Charlotte" is quite good and it features a quite confident female character - a supposed teenage descendant of Sherlock Holmes.

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