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Please help me find this childhood book!

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Hi everyone! I’ve joined this forum for this one reason! I want to buy a book for my friends kid that he’ll really like. I used to have a favourite book when I was a kid (we are probably talking the 80s here). 


I cant remember much about it but I can remember it scaring me! It was about a kid who was really into scuba diving but he couldn’t afford the equipment. 


Bit the main main thing was there was a pond or lake with some kind of “myth” connected to it. They thought there was a creature in it. 


There was a bit where he went foshing in it and i think he used a frog as bait and something big grabbed it. 


Eventually he buys some cheap scuba gear and goes diving in the pond. He get attacked by a “monster”. In the end the monster turns out to be a huge turtle. 


Does anyone remember this?? Please help it’s been driving me crazy for years!!! 


Paul x










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