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Books that help you deal with women

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Hello BCF,


I'm a 22 years old student, having some anxiety outbursts from time to time, and wouldn't categorize myself as very outgoing even though I am not anti social. I don't have much experience reading and feel very depressed about the fact that I didn't invest too much time in doing this. I now feel that I missed on a lot of lessons and don't know where to start from. 


I was hoping you could suggest me a book that might handle men-women interaction in a way that makes me feel more secure about getting in talks with girls. I believe that I need a book to make me somehow understand that I need to open my mouth, talk and don't be scared because after all I am not stupid, just a bit frightened of what stupid things I can say (anxiety?)


I believe you get me guys and wait for your recommendations and one sentence to try and explain me why you recommended what you did.



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