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Advice on History Books

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Hiya I’ve  been thinking I should read a few more history books. Ive been out of school a good ten years and I paid no attention in history class at all. Recently thought it would be a good read. I have no clue where to start any recommendations would be great. If not I’ll literalt be school books lol :rolleyes:

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First of all, welcome to the forum Lauren. 

You ask a pretty big question - History is a wide, wide topic.  I agree, history can be a really good read, although I wouldn't want to start with school text books. First questions need to be: What sort of history are you interested in?  Time period? Part of the world?  Political, social, military history or something else?  Historical biography? Don't worry about answering all of these, but anybody helping you will need some sort of indicator. 


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