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John Yamrus Books

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I am here to introduce a poet from America, John Yamrus...


He published four books, the 4th book is Memory Lane, and it is also a new beginning of the longterm poet.

Since seventies he was active and published 1800 poems around the world in magazines and later he collected some poems for his three books..


These books are: Real as Rain, I admit nothing and Alchemy;


Each and every book was written with great focus on details and inspiration. Somebody would think they will hear the poems talk to him with few words.

While reading the poems, which are not in great size and which are concise as well, they are giving you an image, or feeling of the situation described.

The situation are like they will need more words to express but indeed 4 or 5 words are sufficient to make us create the big picture.


From every perspective the poems are in a different moods, also melancholy is vivid in some of the poems.

They are easy read and everybody with an average English skill will understand those poems.

In another occasions it could be read as a improvement for English learning, but also lovers of poems wouldnt be disappointed.

Without too much obsolete words and phrases poems talk to you with a great manner.

It can be seen as expressed thoughts.. and can be seen as poetical thinking... in one, short it is one in one or two ways of the same thought.

What you see as ordinary it is later seen that it has a sense of its beauty.


Like when you imagine Gustave Flaubert, when he said anything becomes interesting when you look long enough..


In small sentences, the books are worthwhile to read, and the poems are enough to make you perceptions change for a while by the power of poetry.


Here an example:



than a writer,


is someone

who admits to being a writer,


i am

5 foot 7,



years old,


and i 

love dogs


i am

not dumb,



i admit




Image result for real as rain



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