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June's books 2018

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Last year I managed 100 books, a first for me, so let's see how many I can manage this year.


I started the Around the World Reading Challenge officially in 2012 (I was unofficially doing this long before as I have always read and loved world fiction) and have so far managed an incredible 171 countries. The country's name will therefore be placed in brackets next to books that qualify for inclusion in this. The first this year is then from Barbados.    


Previous lists


Around the World Reading Challenge










The Cost of Sugar: Gary Taubes

Caribbee: Thomas Hoover (Barbados) 

Angels of the Universe: Einar Mar Gudmundsson (Iceland)

Harvest; Jim Grace

Games People Play: Louise Voss

Pu'ukani's Song: Hannah Steenbock (North Marianna Islands) 


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I hope you have a good year of reading again June.

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I am up to 6 books already which is not bad going in less than 3 weeks. I have always wanted to read Angels of the Universe, which is one of those Icelandic classics so was delighted to finally find an English translation - on Kindle as well. I can see why Icelanders rave about this book.


I also managed to find a book from the North Marianna Islands, a country that has proven extremely difficult to find. Goodreads though came to the rescue as they often do in recommending this one. It was one of the shortest books I have read at just 36 pages, so took all of half an our to read, which makes it even better! 

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