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LGBT author - Feedback needed!

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Hello all,

Happy New Year!


So I recently wrote my first novel - An LGBT coming out story and I'm now trying to get it published.


My question to you is, what do you look for in a good romance type novel? What characters are you drawn to? what stories do you like? Etc!


Look forward to hearing you thought,

Bex :)



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Congratulations finishing your first novel. It must feel good! I am not there yet.

 To answer your questions; I am old fashioned and I like a good slow build up in a romance and it has to be set against a plot of something major and life-changing going on , where two characters are thrown together by circumstance. Ideally they won't even like each other at first.

The attraction  between the characters has to make sense.

For me I like any sex to be used sparingly and with discretion; I don't  like it too graphic.

These are all just my opinions and preferences, of course.  

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I can enjoy different things in a romance novel, but in general I prefer character driven romance with protagonists that have a certain depth to them, do not feel stereotypical and have a good chemistry together. I need to know why they love each other, not just that they do. It needs to feel believable. Banter is always very much appreciated, as is some humor, with a decent portion of sweet and adorable.

I'm not a fan of a lot of angst or unnecessary drama and forced, endless miscommunication are a pet-peeve of mine. I prefer simple, everyday situations, at least in contemporary romance. I like a good supporting cast: parents, friends, coworkers, etc. I always feels weird when you have the happy couple in a lonely bubble somewhere.

I'm not a fan of insta-love, though insta-attraction is fine with me. I like a slow burn more than a book that fills most of it's pages with enforced separations and absurd problems for the couple to solve, though I do enjoy a few chapters of couple-dom at the end.


I do like some graphic sex, or even a lot, as long as it's not just gratuitous. But it needs to be either really hot or realistically awkward.


Oh, and since we are talking LGBT, I get annoyed when everyone in the vicinity is homosexual. That's just not realistic. Also, flawless gaydar is boring too.

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