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Cat in the Hat Dictionary UPSIDE DOWN print 60's vintage

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Hello, i have some questions about a book i found in my folks old stuff. It appears to the Cat in the Hat Beginner Book Dictionary (not sure if first print, copyright page missing) However the entire book is printed upside down and in reverse. The book opens to the start of Alphabet at Z and ends with A and the entire print is upside down. I was wondering if anyone had heard of a print like this as i was unable to find anything on google concerning any misprints. Would be most grateful for any information anyone may have.

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I have a feeling I've seen that book. I vaguely remember wondering why and somebody pointed out all Dr Seuss's books were 'different'. That's if it is a Dr Seuss. You could take a look on Amazon and try the 'Look Inside' feature Amazon has, and it might show you.

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