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Lost in the shadows: a crime thriller

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Hi guys!

I’m glad I found this forum. I read this book in my friend’s kindle, and I loved It! Not to give it away but in the beginning you wonder if there’s something supernatural going on. Basically all the children with the exception of a boy disappear. This happens in a small town near New York, which basically is closed by authorities after the mysterious disappearance.  

The surviving boy returns to the city with a team decades after but is threaten (his family including…) to leave the past buried.

I loved the little clues you don’t even realize are there, the link with an event decades earlier and the scenes in this ghost town. It was almost as if I was seeing a movie.

Can anyone recommend a book like this? I’m reading another one by the author, Theresa A. James, I’ll let you know when I’m done.

Here's the link if anyone is interested.


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