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Unfortunately running this forum does cost money - the software needs renewing every 6 months, and I try to help out with server costs every month.


I've never been very successful at running adverts on the site - this is probably due to the fact that many people use ad blockers, plus most simply forget to click on them. I'm also not a fan of ads on other sites, and so try to keep them to a minimum on here. 


One thing I do offer is Supporter Membership - this will give extra PM storage, a small extra section on the forum, extra entries into any competition etc. But most importantly, that payment helps keep this little corner of the web running, and is very much appreciated. The cost is for a year, and I've decided to leave the amount up to you. It used to be £10, if you wish to use that as a guide, but the smallest amount helps, and if you're feeling more generous, you will have my undying gratitude! :yes:


I can accept paypal, cheque or direct bank transfer - simply send me a PM, and I will get it set up.
You can use this link to go direct to my PayPal.


Thank you for your support  :kiss:

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This is just to let some of my lovely supporters know that according to my notes, most of you helped out last January, and therefore your year has come to an end. If you would like to support for a further year I'd be very grateful, if you don't or can't, then that is no problem at all. If my notes are wrong, do let me know! Thank you all! :)
















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