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Stephen King Reading Circle - The Stand

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It's a shame that I have only just seen this post, as I think 'The Stand' is a wonderful book and would have liked an excuse to re-read it!


Saying that though, I love this book for many reasons, but particularly the fact that Stephen King is able to tell a story and make even the most mundane of situations interesting (there is a lot of walking involved in this book....I hope that's not considered a spoiler) and adds humour to the most depressing.


The size of this book is really intimidating, but I found this book so engrossing that it didn't feel like a chore to read. The characters are believeable and the suspense created upheld throughout. As I have the special edition, I really loved the ending too.


If there is a book circle to read and talk about Stephen King novels, I'm definitely going to take part on the future. Stephen King is one of my favourite authors!

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