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Chaliepud's Reading and Recreation in 2016

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Hmm, minions are all busy strangely, 2 of them for mocks revision so I suppose I can't complain, Charlie has his A2's this year and Maddie has her GCSE's, will be a stressy few months for them!


Your minions are actually doing their revision on a Saturday, quietly and nicely? You and Steven have done a great job with them, I congratulate you! :D Not fun for them that they have their important exams coming up, but that might mean you get a little time for yourself as they'll be busier :) 


I should be cleaning bathrooms but really son't have the energy, just spent 2 hours searching for an appropriate dog bed for ickle Jojo as the last one wasn't tough enough and fell apart after she bullied it!  :giggle2:


:D She really doesn't like sleeping, does she? 'Screw you, bed, I'll feast on you! I want walkies and I want to fetch!' 


No books purchased in 2017 yet, 7/365 done! Not sure what percentage that is but it's a start!  :P


Well done! :D Only 52 of the same to go :D 


BuJo the therapist, I like that, and cheaper than the real thing for sure! First things first, will start my 2017 thread then start the Bujo (after a little research of best ways to do so. :)


Yes, one thing at a time :D Have fun!! 

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