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The 10 authors you most want to read books by

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On 19/03/2017 at 10:09 PM, Lau_Lou said:

1) George Orwell READ

2) Anne Bronte READ

3) Katie Fford READ

4) John Steinbeck READ

5) Dorothy Koomson

6) Leo Tolstoy

7) Hilary Mantel

8) Oscar Wilde READ

9) Virginia Woolf READ

10) Gillian Flynn


Authors I have read but want to


1) Daphne Du Maurier

2) Thomas Hardy

3) Charlotte Bronte

4) William Shakespeare

5) Maureen Lee

6) Sophie Kinsella

7) Jill Mansell

8) Philippa Gregory

9) Charles Dickens

10) Stephen King

Quite pleased with my progress. 

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