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Pamela Hartshorne

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Who else out there has read this very enjoyable author?


Pamela Hartshorne is new to the timeslip novel club, but not a new author - she's written romances in the past, and they've been a great training ground to move on from, if her - so far - 2 books are any  yardstick. :smile:  


I'm currently :readingtwo:   "Memories of Midnight" the second novel, set again in present-day and Tudor York, as was the first "Time's Echo".


"Echo" was spoiled for me a bit by the name of the historical character - "Hawise", (pronounced

Ha-weeze) which reminds me of the noise I make whan my asthma is bad! :D

(My apologies to anyone of this name who may be reading! :flowers2: )

A shame that so many authors of historical novels choose this name for a character - but that's my problem - the story itself was gripping, and the second novel is following suit.


I don't want to say much more as it'd spoil the fun, but if you like this type of novel - give P.H. a try.

I bet you won't regret it - and then pop by and let us know what you think - ?


Happy reading to us All :smile:


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Pamela's fourth "York" novel has just been published "House of Shadows".


A slightly different way of telling the story this time, the historic character is trapped in the body of her modern counterpart, who struggles to remember her own son, and life.


I'm only a few chapters in as yet, but it's shaping up nicely. i'll really get stuck in over the hols!


A Happy Christmas to all my readers ... enjoy your reading, and of course, the other bits too.!

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