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Horror At Horsfield Lodge by Cash Peters

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Set in the fictitious English village of Chillingley, this is a gripping and entertaining read.

The plot revolves around the framing of one of the villagers for murder and the rallying of some of the others to try to solve the mystery and find the real culprit.

Lydia, a one time actress from America, has been the recipient of malicious notes for some time before  the peace of the village is disturbed by the discovery of two bodies at the gatehouse of Horsfield Lodge.A further note lures her to the scene of the crime, where she is found by the police. Muriel, a friend of Lydia's, helped by some other villagers, comes to her rescue as she determines to get to the bottom of the mystery and find the real culprit.

At first it doesn't seem possible that Lydia has an enemy in the village, although there is reason to suspect one of them. Muriel thinks it more likely the enemy is from Lydia's acting days in America, but she keeps an open mind and pursues both lines of enquiry.

The mystery deepens when more bodies appear on separate occasions.

The only clue lies in the handwriting on the notes. Tom, a handwriting analysis expert, outlines some of the characteristics of the writer, but at this stage they don't seem to be of much use,

There is lots of action and many twists before the final solution.

The author captures the atmosphere of the village and draws us in to the lives of the characters, which makes it a fascinating read.

The narrative is fast moving and the author's witty way with words a pleasure. I particularly enjoyed the pertinent remarks on the British way of life.

I think this will appeal if you enjoy a good mystery with a great cast of characters.

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The only times you've posted on here is to talk about the same author, which seems unusual.. have you read anything else, and are you, as we suspect, connected to the author?

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Hi there, Well I have read a few other things :-) I just don't bother to post unless it 's something I really like.

No, I don't have any connection with the author. I am a fan of his work obviously,but I thought that was part of the purpose of the forum to share likes and dislikes.

If I have failed to comply with the rules in any way,please feel free to remove the post.

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