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Breaking Bad

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I had a look and searched on the forums and there didn't seem to be a topic for this so thought I would add one?


Breaking Bad is soon to air the remaining 8 episodes of its 5th and final season later this year, it's had wide critical acclaim and is widely considered the greatest TV show of all time, which is a pretty strong title to carry.


I personally am a huge fan of Breaking Bad, the writing is incredible, the story and development of the characters is mind blowing and the direction and cinematography is outstanding, all in all, it really is a phenomenally good show, and I do recommend it and have got a lot of my friends into it.


I don't want to post any spoilers regarding it (also I have NO idea how to do that secret spoiler box thing yet that hides spoilers) So i'm just wondering if anybody else has seen it? And if so, do you like it? Or have you heard of it? Consider watching it?


Repeatedly this show has left me almost worn out from anxiety and emotion per episode. How long can a person really sit on the edge of their seat?

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I personally haven't really watched it but my boyfriend has. It's made by the same company as The Walking Dead isn't it? But I agree that the concept is brilliant and commend them for making the programme last so long. I think there is a shortage of good dramas that last for more than one season, especially here in the UK. I've seen a few of the episodes when looking seeing him watching them and have listened in. The main actor does a very good job I think!

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I'm up to date on it, I think it's an absolutely fantastic show. Very depressing but brilliantly acted and very original.

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