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Found 10 results

  1. Im looking for a romance book, in which one of the main characters has depression, or other mental illnesses OR a sad past, like family death, child abuse, etc. Id prefer it be in a highschool setting, but im open to all suggestions. no MMF love triangle or reverse harem please. A little new to reading, never done a reccomendation before, if theres anything else youde like to ask, feel free.
  2. Hello Everyone I'm currently reading a lot of lesbian novels, but mostly, they are always about two women falling in love but only come together at the end of the book. Now I would like to read lesbian romance novels or short stories about couples, which are already in a relationship for quite some time or actually married, but their relationship has already "gone dry" but want to find to each other again. I would be very pleased if anyone would have any recommendations. I thank you in advance, your bookworm95. PS: Please excuse my english, but I'm not an "english-native-speaking" person.
  3. Can anyone recommend a YA romance novel with paranormal or supernatural elements? Something like "The Ghost of Buxton Manor" by Jonathan L Ferrara (about a ghost boy trapped in his childhood home that falls in love with a human boy that moves in) or "Teeth" by Hannah Moskowitz (About a boy that travels to an island with his family to cure his sick brother, but ends up meeting a damaged 'fish boy') or even something like The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater (which I cannot describe sufficiently in a sentence and for that I apologise.) It doesn't have to be all romance- it can just have romance in it. I just love books with supernatural characters, things like Ghosts, Merpeople, Vampires/Demons (not Twilight) and others. ​Any recommendations?
  4. Hey! Bit of a specific request--has anyone read a good book where the two mains are married/together, divorce/break-up and then get back together again? As dramatic and emotional as possible, please. Preferably not abusive, but deep characters who are flawed are welcomed. A good range would be great. thanks in advance :¬)
  5. Hi, I'm looking for book suggestions. I am looking for a book about falling in love, more specifically with a sweet boy (around 20 years old). The boy (me) has a crush on the also kind/sweet friend (girl) (not best friend if possible) or the other way around. I would rather have the book focused on the falling in love and dealing with his/her emotions (should I tell her/him and risk our friendship? How do I tell her/him?...) than having a big secret or being damaged by his/her past. It can be written in the girls or boys perspective. I searched on goodreads but most of the books are about bad boys or quarterbacks with an attitude or something. Or some unrealistic situation. I want to start reading books and have no experience, so maybe the books I have seen on goodreads are exactly what I'm looking for, maybe not. I would like your opinion. My situation: I am falling for a (girl) friend of mine. She is sweet, has a good heart, smart, so beautiful... I am also sweet, romantic, blue eyes, swimmer, ... College, around 20 years old. No high school please Anyway I would be so happy if you could help me find what I'm looking for or something in that direction. Thanks
  6. Hi Everyone I'm new to this forum. I love reading, but I haven't really found any books that have grabbed my attention or kept my attention, so here I am If you could suggest some books to read or send your top 5 books that would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. The Best of Me is Nicholas Sparks' newest book which I recently finished reading. The book is mainly about two people, Amanda and Dawson, who were in love in high school. Their relationship was ended because Amanda's parents would never approve of the relationship. Dawson was part of the "bad family" in a small town in North Carolina. Amanda's parents were rich and proper. After breaking up Dawson accidentally runs over the doctor in town, Dr. Bonner, and goes to jail fulfilling his family name. Dawson leaves town after being released from prison and hadn't talked to Amanda since before he entered prison. Dawson lives in Louisiana and works on an oil rig. Amanda went to Duke, became a teacher, got married, and had three children. The former lovers are brought back into town for the funeral of a man they both cared about, Tuck. The story was a bit cliche in my opinion, but also very heartfelt. It definitely had me on the verge of tears at the end just like 60% of Nicholas Sparks books do. The storyline and characters seemed so much like every other Sparks story and characters. It felt like a repeat of other Sparks books which wasn't what I was hoping for. I was hoping this new book would have a whole new story with interesting characters and a change of pace from his norm. Regardless, I enjoyed the book and read 70% in one night. It had me on the edge of my seat (figuratively since I was on my bed) the whole way and has a great ending. 3/5 stars
  8. Hi everyone, I know I've been away from this lovely place for awhile now. I don't have much friends on here, well I don't think I have any friends on here, yet. lol, so I'm sure I haven't been missed. I would love to make new friends though.. I love the Young Adult genre and I'm really eager to read something that will BLOW MY MIND! lol. I have a lot of series at home and have loaned books from the library,and they are good reads but nothing has really made me gasp. I want a book where I have no idea what's going to happen. Relationships or romantic interests I don't see coming. I want a book that's not predictable, I'm left longing for more and questions that will haunt me for days. If you have any ideas please feel free to reply, don't be shy I'm open to different books. It doesn't have to be limited to the YA genre. Or if you have a favorite author who supplies stories that will BLOW MY MIND! please post away.. Hope you all are having a fine day my sweets.
  9. I recently read a book, Our Roads Will Always Cross, by Naomi Green. It is a short novel, about a girl who tries to kill her stepfather, who has been torturing her, her brothers and her mother. She finally escapes and tries to start a new life, somewhere far away, but she finds out that her father is sill alive, and then she is faced with the greatest challenge of her life. It is a very strong book, with powerful scenes, and the main character is followed closely. She is very well defined, and it is a true model of a fighter, of a truly strong character. Very well written, and intriguing. The End is really a surprise. Worth reading! And the title is not what you would expect. Has anyone read this book? For those who read it, what do you think about it?
  10. Hey there! So for the past two days I have felt extremely in the mood for reading some fantasy. I've always loved it more than any other genre but sometimes I just find myself absolutely craving it. unfortunately right now I have a lot of criteria when it comes to the kind of book I want to read, so its very hard to find something without having particular titles in mind. so I was wondering if maybe one of you had any book suggestions that fulfil the following: high fantasy, female badass heroine, preferably something to do with magic, no vampires, a little bit of romance that doesn't make it tacky AND most importantly, witty dialogue. it doesn't have to be a seriously good piece of writing with deeper meaning, just a quick and enjoyable read to help relax my mind. I know it is practically impossible t find one let alone a couple of books that fit this description but I just thought id ask thank you in advance!