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Found 9 results

  1. So how long do you spend on reading? For me I could read 2-4 chapters in 1hr.
  2. FrankMwenda's 2017 Reads

    This year, I decided to read at least 3 books every month and do book reviews on my FrankMwenda blog. I will also be sharing my monthly reads with you here.
  3. A Game of Thrones

    [Admin edit: I know there are threads for the author (which is obviously mainly about the books) but I thought a fresh GofT thread would be a good idea, so with the poster's permission, I've moved it here. Michelle] Hiya! I began my challenge on January 1st and decided to start with the much talked about Game of Thrones series. The prompt I am trying to complete is 'First book in a series I haven't read before'. To be honest, I began watching the series and my heart wasn't in it very much so I judged the books based on the show. I was so wrong. Never Judge a Book By It's Movie - J.W Eagan I began reading the first book on January 1st, 2017 & I was hooked before I even finished the prologue. The writing was spot on, the characters were outlined in so much detail and the intensity of how much I fell in love with the world of Westeros and the Free Cities was unreal! The first couple of chapters in which each character is outlined with so much detail has me already hating Cersei of House Baratheon (Lannister - let's be real she's evil) and loving Catelyn of House Stark. I adore Jon Snow and the dire wolves - I mean can I adopt one please? I know that I am so late on the Game of Thrones bandwagon but it has definitely gained a new fangirl. In short, I am absolutely hooked by Game of Thrones and I am considering giving the show another shot now that I have a new found love for the series. I am aiming to finish this book by the end of the weekend and therefore finish my first challenge for POPSUGAR's 2017 reading challenge. 51 more to go!! The weather in UK is muggy and rainy and horrible but it's the perfect weather to cuddle up to the fireplace with a good book. I've definitely found my book....what's your current read? Comment below. Speed reading lovelies. xoxo
  4. I think it's time to bomb you guys with my opinions ( really, really personal opinions) I hope you'll enjoy them, because I will start with a Stephen King book, of course. Also, I will add the romanian covers for each book I’m writing about; also if you have a copy in another country I would love to see it’s cover ! The first book I’m going to write about is Gerald’s Game. In romanian it’s Jocul lui Gerald (game = joc) and I have to admit that I first read it when I was about fourteen and I was shocked at first. Now, at 21, I feel like it’s one of the most underappreciated books King wrote; it’s about some sort of Fifty Shades gone wrong (You should read it if handcuffs bed play sounds appealing to you, just in case) The main character is Jessie Burlingame and we’re following her attempt to escape from her own bed and get rid of her demons at once. It’s a different bedtime story, or that’s what the cover says. At first I didn’t understand it, but in the end I have to tell you, that’s one hell of a bedtime story. The inner fight of the character is so well written I actually identified with her since the beginning. This time, King’s accent is on thoughts, imagination and terror ; he brought Jessie to life in my head, beyond fiction; she stood in my mind for days after finishing the book and I couldn’t start reading anything for a week afterwards. There are some quotes that kept coming back to me, making me see different angles of life, love and mind. I was able to identify the demons in the end and it was like a reward. It’s a bit different from an usual King novel, but it’s great. Have you read it? What’s your opinion about it? (If you didn’t, you should give it a try) Also, a quote: Sometimes it takes heart to write about a thing, doesn’t it? To let that thing out of the room way in the back of your mind and put it up there on the screen. PS: the same books will be on my blog as well, but for different reasons.
  5. Hey everyone, I love reading and mainly read classics --- I'm trying to make it through the Russians and have a strong interest in 20th century modernist fiction. As a result, I almost totally miss out on contemporary literature and, most of the time, don't have a clue what new stuff to read or where to find tips for great new contemporary fiction/non-fiction. - How do you discover new books to read? - How do you decide which books to read? - What are your most trusted sources for books? Thanks, Sarah
  6. What are your reading plans for the rest of the year, are there any books you really want to read / finish in 2014? What are they? I'll post mine later (definitely have some books I want to read soon), I have to start cooking soon.
  7. Reading Challenges

    I wasn't sure if a general discussion on reading challenges should be in the Reading Challenges forum or in the General Book Discussions forum, so feel free to move it if I made the wrong choice. I see several people on here doing one or even multiple Reading Challenges. I think it's great that these people are challenging themselves, based on countries, famous lists, literature, etc. However for me, at least with my busy schedule lately, I couldn't handle the pressure of doing a reading challenge (or any other kind of challenge for that matter). Maybe in a while this will be different (I hope to be less stressed at least) but right now I don't want to do it. I want to enjoy reading and read what I feel like reading, not what I think I should read (other than literature for university). So if I feel like reading a work that's not so famous, not so literary or whatever other reason, then I just want to do so. Now I'm very proud of all of you who do do reading challenges and who manage to succeed in them! So don't take this as any sort of critisism on what you're doing or any bad comments on your progress or anything. I'm simply saying I don't think it's for me. I've never tried it though, I didn't know about reading challenges before I joined this forum. Right now I just couldn't handle the pressure, and even once I become less stressed I might just want to enjoy reading what I feel like at that specific moment. If that happens to be a famous literary book (for example) that is on many lists, then so be it. And of course I want to read all the unread books on my shelves (and reread ones I have read). And I did say in my reading thread that I'd try to read more of this or that this year. But right now I'm just reading what I feel like reading (I should point out that I have read some of what I stated in my thread I'd try to read). Even making a TBR-soon can be difficult, as it depends on my mood. Right now the TBR-soon contains books of various genres, so if I'm in the mood for science-fiction right now the book I might read would be Replay (because I've heard a lot about it from others on this forum). However I might not be in the mood for science-fiction for a while. It by Stephen King has been on the TBR-soon for several months now, but it's big and horrory and I haven't been in the mood yet. For a read-a-thon I do prefer to have a TBR-soon otherwise I might lose too much time spent on trying to pick a book from all the books on my shelves. How do you deal with a reading challenge or making a long-term reading plan? Anyway, I applaud all of you who are doing one or multiple reading challenges but I don't think it's quite for me .
  8. As I was thinking back to the kind of books I read when I was a teenager and how nowadays I read different kinds of books, I thought it'd be fun to make a thread and ask if all your reading tastes have changed over the years. When I was a child and younger teenager, I read a lot of both fiction and non-fiction. It was about evenly split, because the library allowed x books in each of those two categories. Fiction wise, I read many kinds of children's and teen / young-adult stories. I didn't really think about certain genres, though from what I remember most of what I read was contemporary fiction, historical fiction, chick-lit, horror and fantasy. There weren't many science-fiction books for children in the library. Non-fiction wise I read about many subjects, including health, technology, biology, science, history, zoology, astronomy and psychology. I read a lot of the non-fiction books in my library, only skipping a very few number of categories (ie. the section on famous people, this was less interesting to me). When I got older and started to learn more in school, and we moved, I kind of stopped reading non-fiction since I already got a lot of information at school. Also the non-fiction adult books at the library (I read all the non-fiction children's books and was getting older) were either too simple or too complicated. For adult books I read a lot of thrillers, a few detectives and horror, such as It by Stephen King, Dutch and English literature for school (I started to buy more books now that I was older and got pocket money, eventually I stopped going to the library because I felt I read most of the interesting books there, they didn't have a big English section either). I also read the occasional science-fiction novel (Dune by Frank Herbert stands out as well as the Mars series by Kim Stanley Robinson). I also read some chick-lit, mainly by Virginia Andrews (I suppose it'd be called YA these days). I discovered the fantasy (adult) genre by borrowing the books of one of my friends and started to read a lot of that from the library. I also read the Otherworld series by Tad Williams, they're science-fiction / fantasy. Slowly I started to read less thrillers, horror, detective and paranormal and more fantasy stories (and the literature for school). A few years later I started to read more science-fiction (inspired by my boyfriend's brother, he recommended ie. Peter F. Hamilton and Joe Haldeman). I was a Bachelor student at the university and felt non-fiction books didn't really teach me a lot anymore than I already knew and wanted to know, so I didn't really read many of them. A few years after that I discovered how much fun contemporary fiction and chick-lit are/were, and started to read (and buy) more of those. These days I'm reading more non-fiction books than a few years ago, mainly self-help books (mainly on the Kindle). After not reading much historical fiction the past ten years, I'm rediscovering my love for that genre (ie. The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber or the books by Penny Vincenzi). I'm also rediscovering literature, horror and detective stories. I'm reading a lot of contemporary fiction, chick-lit, fantasy and science-fiction, and to a lesser extent the genres mentioned above. I don't remember the exact times when all the above happened, but this should give a general outline. In so far as comics and manga go, I read comics (mainly Donald Duck) when I was a child but not much once I got older. I discovered manga when I met my boyfriend and have been reading some manga now and then (mainly borrowing from him, and I've bought a few). In terms of format, when I was a child I didn't really care whether my books were hardcover or paperback. Many books only had one of the two available so I kind of just bought what was available. In the library all books are hardcover. Slowly as I got older I started to prefer smaller paperbacks (easier in the hands, no unhandy flap, my hands are small so it's easier to hold, it's cheaper). In terms of ebooks vs. paperbooks, I was quite against an ereader at first but I've had my Kindle since a few months and am finding it quite handy, especially when travelling. I'm reading both fiction and non-fiction on it, though it should be said I haven't actually read a long fiction book on it yet, mainly self-help books and short fiction stories (unavailable in tree book format). That's kind of my story genres-wise (with a bit added about format), what about yours? Have your reading tastes changed over the years? Has anyone influenced you to read more of a certain genre?
  9. Hello! Just joined today!

    Hello, My names Jennifer. I'm 21, (and still thinking i'm 19. I don't know why?!), i live in Staffordshire in the West Midlands. I'm so excited to find a community around books. I think i'm quickly going to get addicted. I love reading the likes of Terry Pratchett (he is my god.), Diana Wynne Jones, Joseph Delaney and Eoin Colfer. I want to branch out and read a wider variety of authors as i tend to stick to a select few. So if anyone has any recommendations they're greatly of appreciated. I mainly like fantasy, science fiction and horror, but if its worth reading please suggest it! Nice to meet you. JKHolmes