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Found 1 result

  1. Are you a mood reader? Do you have to be in a certain mood to read certain books? Or do you have a list of books to read and read them in order? Do you make a TBR for the month perhaps (a lot of people on BookTube do this)? Or do you read what mood strikes you? I am a mood reader. I read a variety of genres and for a variety of age ranges. I really have to be in the mood for a certain genre or a certain type of book or I won't enjoy reading it very much. Sometimes I feel in the mood for a specific genre. Sometimes I feel in the mood for a lot of books and it's hard to decide. Sometimes I feel in the mood for only a specific book or a specific author. And usually after I finish one book, I then feel in the mood for another type of book or a book of another genre. When I go to the library, I do get a certain stack of books that I then try to finish before they're due. Sometimes I find myself no longer in the mood for a few of the books I loaned, once I've read most of my loans. I'm currently in the "I don't want to read at all" mood, unfortunately (which is a whole other story). So I probably won't get around to reading those last loans (it's a shame but I don't want to force myself). Some mood readers read multiple books at once, so they can read what they are in the mood for that specific moment. That doesn't work for me, I can only really read one book at once. I have tried in the past to read more than one book, but it usually ends up with me picking one book over another and just finishing off that book first. Gladly usually my reading moods last the course of a book. It's harder with series, sometimes I intend to read a series in one go or with only a few books in between, to then find I'm no longer in the mood for the series right now. It took me two months to get around to reading City of Glass, book 3 in The Mortal Instruments series (since reading book 2). But if I leave it too long, I'll have forgot what happened in the previous book(s) of the series (unless it's a children's series where it doesn't matter much and each book is a standalone story). When I pick a book to read out of my owned books, I usually think about genre first. Sometimes I can't decide on the genre, and stand in front of my bookshelves and see what inspires me. Sometimes I read a couple of pages of a book, to then put it down again when I feel I'm not in the mood. Usually I don't read more than a couple of pages, unless I decide to read that book. By the time a couple of pages have passed, I must decide (sometimes one chapter). Near my desk I have three shelves on which I've put my "TBR-soon". Books that for some reason I might want to get to soon or that I don't want to forget about, or authors I want to try out. I try to limit it to one book per author, unless it's a series that I'm currently reading, with a few exceptions (ie. my favourite authors sometimes get multiple books). Books I want to re-read are on this shelf too, but the majority of the books are unread books. If I'm going to pick a new book, these three shelves are usually where I look first. If I can't pick from those books or I want something different, I usually go to my room / homelibrary where the majority of my books are. I have separate 'read-a-thon' shelves, on which I keep some children's books as well as some novella's, basically short books that are suited to the read-a-thon. I used to have these shelves for the monthly read-a-thons. Now that I'm no longer really doing those, I still have the shelves. I could merge the books into my 'TBR-soon' shelf, but it seems like a nice way to split it up. The 'read-a-thon' shelves are small, there is only space for some books (in comparison to my 'TBR-soon' shelves). Sometimes when I want to read something short, for example because I'm going to the library soon or because I want to not be in the middle of a book the next day for some reason, I go to my 'read-a-thon' shelves and pick a novella or short children's book from there (sometimes the shelf also holds picture books). Whenever I buy new books, I think about them and split them up between going to my homelibrary, going to my 'TBR-soon' shelves and my 'read-a-thon' shelves. Every once in a while, usually once the 'TBR-soon' or 'read-a-thon' shelves are getting quite full, I clear up the shelves and decide to put some books in my homelibrary, that I no longer consider a priority. Like I said earlier, sometimes I'm in the "I don't want to read at all" mood. Sometimes I'm in the "I want to read all the books" mood. Sometimes I'm in the "I want to buy all the books" mood. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the amount of books in the world that I want to read. I'm definitely a mood reader. Whew, that was a long post! If you read all that, my thanks go to you! Thanks for sticking with me . Do you have to be in a certain mood for certain books? Are you a mood reader? Please, share your story .